2017 Teng Tools Swedish FIM Speedway Grand Prix

Round 7 - G&B Arena

Date: Sat 12th August 2017
Capacity: 15,000
Track Length: 305m
Track Record Time: 55.1s
Track Record: Andreas Jonsson
WILD CARD #16: tbc
RESERVE #17: tbc
RESERVE #18: tbc

2016 Winner

Greg Hancock

Greg Hancock


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*Family tickets include two adult and two child standing tickets

**Child tickets are for children under the age of 16 (aged 15 and under)

Hospitality information to follow

More Information

Address & Contact Details

Målilla Motorbana 1

570 82 Målilla



Venue Facilities

Fully equipped press areas, press conference area, food and beverage outlets.


Previous Results

Results of previous five GP's in Målilla (all Scandinavian GP's):

(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th).


  • 2016: Greg Hancock, Jason Doyle, Piotr Pawlicki, Chris Holder
  • 2015: Nicki Pedersen, Tai Woffinden, Antonio Lindback, Matej Zagar
  • 2014: Tai Woffinden, Greg Hancock, Chris Holder, Jaroslaw Hampel
  • 2012: Tomasz Gollob, Chris Holder, Antonio Lindback, Nicki Pedersen
  • 2011: Jaroslaw Hampel, Andreas Jonsson, Kenneth Bjerre, Emil Sayfutdinov
  • 2010: Rune Holta, Jason Crump, Tomasz Gollob, Fredrik Lindgren

Event info to follow…


From airport

Växjö 90km, Kalmar 10km, Gothenburg 270km

By car

From Gothenburg 290km, Stockholm 330km, Malmö 320km, Karlskrona 220km

From Karlskrona: Road E22 to Ålem about 110km. Then road 34 to Målilla about 70km

From Stockholm: Road E4 to Linköping about 200km. Then road 34 to Målilla about 130km

From Malmö: Road E22 (23) against Växjö. From Växjö to Åseda about 50km, then road 138 to Målilla about 40km.

From Gothenburg: Road 40 to Jönköping about 150km. Then road 31 to Vetlanda about 80km, then road 127 to Målilla, 50km.

By train:

Hultsfred 10km, train goes between Hultsfred and Stockholm. Train from Hultsfred also goes to Nässjö where it is possible to go to Gothenburg and Malmö.


By bus


Bus schedule - Saturday 13th August


From Hultsfred 
16:30 Kloster 
16:45 campground 
17:00 Palace 
17:15 Coop Malilla 
Back 23:00 and 01:30 

from Virserum 
16:45 New Square 
Back 23:00