18/03/2012, 13:17

Australian champion Chris Holder says it’s time for Australia to follow in New Zealand’s footsteps and stage an SGP round.

The 24-year-old races his first Grand Prix outside of Europe when he lines up in the FIM Buckley Systems New Zealand SGP in Auckland on March 31.

Holder, who warms up for that big date in Shane Parker’s Farewell meeting at Sheffield tonight, will be desperate to shine in front of his friends, family and fans who will be making the trip to Western Springs.

But he would love to race for them in his homeland and hopes the Kiwi round will inspire Australia on to the SGP calendar.

"Me and Jason (Crump) could finally turn the tables and have everyone else go over to our back yard and race."

- Chris Holder

He said: “That would be awesome. It’s good for the whole sport to get the Grand Prix outside of Europe and Australia has had top riders in there the whole time the series has been running.

“It would be cool to go there. We’re getting a lot of support now with the sport being on TV in Australia. It can only make it better for us.”

Holder has spent years coming up against Polish, Danish and Swedish riders on their home tracks and would love to see how they fare on his turf.

The four-time Aussie title winner said: “It would be great. Me and Jason (Crump) could finally turn the tables and have everyone else go over to our back yard and race.

“I’m sure we’d be competitive there and I’m not saying the other boys aren’t going to be good. They’re the best guys in the world and they’re going to work the track out quickly. But to have some home support in our corner would be amazing.”

Holder believes Fox Sports’ live British Elite League and SGP coverage has played a big role in raising Aussie speedway’s profile.

He said: “People knew we raced over here and heard bits and pieces. But now the coverage we are getting back home through the Elite League shows means it’s massive.

“The fans always talk to us about the Elite League and whatnot, which is cool.”

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