08/04/2012, 12:06

Danish star Hans Andersen admits some persistent bike problems wreaked havoc when he missed out on the FIM Buckley Systems New Zealand SGP semi-finals on March 31.

The Odense-born racer crashed out with six points, despite picking up a victory in his final outing.

Andersen was left desperately trying to fix his No.1 machine after encountering problems in the Thursday practice session.

This left him with little time to get bike No.2 on the pace in Auckland and Andersen admits the speed he showed when winning heat 18 was too little, too late.

"This was my duff round and there are 11 more to win."

- Hans Andersen

He said: “It wasn’t the night I hoped for. It all went wrong on the Thursday in practice because the engine played up on the bike that I really wanted to use in the last session.

“I wasted all of Friday trying to sort it and I just couldn’t solve the problem. It’s one of those things. It was the bike I wanted to race and I didn’t want to go on the other one.

“I didn’t have any other option and it took me a few races to get the other bike dialled in. I knew I had it dialled in for the last one and it had plenty of speed. I just wish the meeting had started then.”

Andersen spent two months of last season on the sidelines after breaking his leg in a freak jogging accident in April. He suffered with the after-effects of the tumble all year and this severely limited his opportunities to practice as he conserved his body for racing.

“I didn’t race too much last year and I don’t know what the engines really did,” Andersen said. “All the stuff had to be shipped out so early for New Zealand and I hadn’t really practiced on it at all.

“I know it’s the same for everyone, but at least they had the chance to do some testing on their equipment last year.

“If I’d had this problem in Europe, I’d have used the bikes I’ve been on in pre-season because I’ve been riding fairly well. The engines I raced there weren’t in NZ because all the stuff was shipped out before the season started.”

Andersen knows he has plenty of time to turn things around, starting in the FIM European SGP at Leszno on April 28.

He said: “I’m fairly happy I ended up with a win in New Zealand. It would have been nice to have more points because I feel I could have done a lot better.

“There are still 11 rounds, though. This was my duff round and there are 11 more to win.”

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