05/05/2011, 13:07

Grand Prix star Greg Hancock will lead the United States into battle at German track Landshut on Saturday as they bid to win a place in the Speedway World Cup.

The Californian joins forces with Coventry star Ryan Fisher, Wolves reserves Tyson Burmeister and Ricky Wells and Bryce Starks. They will take on Germany, Finland and the Ukraine for a place in SWC Event One against Denmark, Sweden and Australia at Vojens on July 9.

Finland, who raced in last year’s Event Two at King’s Lynn, track a side containing plenty of British league experience. It includes Eastbourne star Joonas Kylmakorpi, Lakeside’s Kauko Nieminen, Edinburgh rider Kalle Katajisto, Scunthorpe’s Tero Aarnio and Juha Hautamaki.

The German team is led by former Coventry rider Martin Smolinski. He is joined by Poole’s Christian Hefenbrock, former Ipswich man Tobias Kroner, Frank Facher and Matthias Schultz.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainians go into the meeting as outsiders with a side featuring Andrey Kobrin, Stanisłav Ogorodnik, Kirił Cukanov, Aleksandr Łoktajev and Jarosław Poljuchowicz.

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