14/06/2011, 17:10

Grand Prix star Chris Harris and British champion Scott Nicholls will lead Team Great Britain into battle for Event Two of the Speedway World Cup at King’s Lynn on July 11.

They will be joined by former SGP regular Tai Woffinden, Coventry skipper Edward Kennett and Birmingham and Plymouth favourite Ben Barker, who makes his SWC debut.

The Lions take on champions Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic at the Norfolk Arena with the winners earning an automatic place in the SWC Final on July 16.

Team GB blew away months of uncertainty and pessimism surrounding the national side with stunning test match victories over Australia at Poole and Lakeside earlier this month.

And Middleditch says he could not be happier with the commitment being shown by his Lions.

He said: “I’m delighted with my team and the attitude shown by the boys is fantastic. After all the speculation and uncertainty surrounding who would be available, we have a team of determined riders who are proud to ride for their country.

“Ben Barker in particular was very emotional when I told him he had made the starting line-up. He was made up. It was a big moment for the lad and we know we will get nothing less than 100 percent.

“Despite all the doom and gloom portrayed by some members of the media, I feel really positive and excited about the King’s Lynn meeting and we are going to give it everything we’ve got. We need the fans to do the same.”

Team GB have also named Lewis Bridger, Simon Stead, Oliver Allen and Danny King as back-up riders for the SWC. They will come into contention for a place if any of the first five miss a round.

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