21/07/2011, 12:41

Polish racer Krzysztof Kasprzak admits taking five days off before the Speedway World Cup Final meant he needed a few races to get going in Gorzow on Saturday.

Kasprzak has endured an up-and-down season with Birmingham and Tarnow this term, but he blew his inconsistent form out of the water with a 15-point maximum in Event Two at King’s Lynn on July 11.

Things didn’t start quite so well in the SWC Final, as he managed three points from as many races. He turned things around in the nick of time, though, bagging five points in his last two heats to help Poland seal a third straight gold medal.

Kasprzak is one of the few top Poles who races regularly in the UK and leads Birmingham into action against Lakeside at Perry Barr tonight.

The Leszno-born man has always admitted that he needs regular action to stay sharp. And when he took Poland straight through to the SWC Final without the need to appear in Thursday’s Race-Off, he admits he got caught cold in Saturday’s showpiece.

He said: “It was tough. The start of the meeting was very tough. I had gate one twice and it was the most difficult to make the start from. Then I took gate three, changed my setup and got a big zero.

“I had three races where I didn’t race well. I hadn’t raced for one week – that’s why. After I warmed up, I felt I could race.

“I like to race many times during the week, but it doesn’t matter now. We are the world champions.”

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