01/11/2016, 10:49

FIM Speedway Grand Prix quartet Chris Holder, Jason Doyle, Maciej Janowski and Emil Sayfutdinov warm up for next year’s series with a big date for Darcy Ward at Poole on March 24.

The fab four line up in the Darcy Ward Invitational meeting, which is being staged to raise funds for the Darcy Ward Foundation, which was set up to aid the Aussie’s rehabilitation from serious spinal damage, with plans being formulated to assist other athletes with similar injuries.

"I wanted something where my friends could ride for me and also some who aren’t riding in Britain at the moment."

- Darcy Ward

Ward is working to assemble a stellar field for the Poole event and is delighted to have pulled four of the 2017 SGP line-up.

He said: “I wanted something where my friends could ride for me and also some who aren’t riding in Britain at the moment.

“Emil hit me up in Manchester at the Monster Energy SWC and said that whatever I did, he’d love to ride. He’s one of my favourite riders, I have a lot of respect for him and he’s a good friend of mine.

“I’m honoured and thankful that Emil and his whole team want to come to Poole on March 24. It’ll kick his season off and the fans would love to see him.

“Doyley said he’d do it straight away. It’s sad the injuries he has had, but I hope he’ll bounce back next year and he’ll be trying to get as many meetings under his belt as he can to start the first GP firing. You can see how close the points are at the end of the season, so the first GP is important.

“Chris was one of the last riders I asked because I knew he’d ride it. It wouldn’t be a Darcy Ward Invitational if it didn’t have Chris in it. I’m very stoked he’s there and the same with Magic. A lot of fans will be interested to see him back at Poole.”

Ward was keen to have some of his best friends in the sport involved in his big night. He said: “I wanted my closest friends in it and the people who mean something to me on a bike.

“Brady Kurtz will be there and his brother Todd – the reigning Darcy Ward Invitational champion. He won the meeting in North Brisbane and you have to have the defending champ there.

“Jack Holder will be there and he could be a Poole Pirate next year. It wouldn’t be the same without Nick Morris, Troy Batchelor also and Rory Schlein is riding it. He keeps in good contact with me. Josh Grajczonek will be riding too.

“I have some other big names and we’re just waiting to see what their commitments will be at the start of the year. Hopefully they can do it too.”


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