13/11/2016, 12:23

Former SGP star Chris Harris is ready to put Britain first in 2017 after being handed the chance to double up between the Premiership and Championship.

The Cornishman is on the lookout for clubs in both leagues after leaving top-flight team Coventry.

Harris has spent recent years struggling for meetings in mainland Europe. He failed to hold down a place in Poland with Krakow this year and been omitted from the Swedish Elitserien.

"I just want to ride my bike. I am not too bothered where I ride in the sense I’ve been to most tracks in the country and scored pretty well everywhere."

- Chris Harris

This has restricted him to just racing in the Elite League and FIM Speedway Grand Prix series, while supplementing his income with guest bookings.

But with the opportunity to compete in the top two British leagues, Harris is ready to put his search for continental meetings on the backburner.

He said: “Now I can double up, I won’t care if I don’t get a team in Poland straight away because in the last three years I’ve probably done about 15 meetings maximum.

“This season I’ve done about five, and it’s just a waste of time because we’re still waiting to get paid and I can’t be bothered with the stress. I’ve had the expense of going out there and had wear and tear on the engines.

“Unless you’re in the top league and one of the top boys, it just takes forever to get paid and I’m not in the position where I can wait for my money now. I want to build bikes, get everything ready for next year and order new engines. When you’re owed money by clubs, it just isn’t good.”

Harris is available on a 9.21 average in both the Premiership and Championship and can’t wait to be busy next year.

He said: “The new rules that have come in will allow the likes of me and Scott (Nicholls) and everyone to double up, which is good. If you look at the way my average (9.21) is now, I could be a No.1 in the Premiership and I could be a No.1 in the Championship. It makes funny reading, but that’s speedway!

“Doubling up is something I’d look at doing just because I want to ride my bike every day, so if any clubs in the Championship want me, my phone is ready!

“I’ve had a lot of offers already. I am talking to a few teams in the Premiership. Hopefully I’ll get some phone calls from Championship clubs.

“I have spoke to a few, I’m just waiting to see which club I’m riding for in the Premiership so I can decide which race night I can ride in the Championship.”

Asked if he had any preferred clubs in mind, Harris said: “I am waiting to see what’s best for me. I just want to ride my bike. I am not too bothered where I ride in the sense I’ve been to most tracks in the country and scored pretty well everywhere. I know I’m going to be fitter next year and more up for it. I’m not bothered where I ride to be honest.”


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