23/12/2016, 11:42

Aussie icon Chris Holder admits loyalty “doesn't mean anything” when the averages don’t add up after being dropped by Poole for 2017.

The Sydneysider is on his way to King’s Lynn in the SGB Premiership after Pirates boss Matt Ford was unable to accommodate his hefty 12.53 average following a shake-up of team-building rules.

Holder has appeared for the Dorset side every year since 2008, winning five Elite League titles and helping them reach the play-off final in seven out of the nine seasons he was there.

"If your number doesn't fit then I've worked out pretty quickly that it doesn't mean anything. Loyalty means nothing, pretty much."

- Chris Holder

After becoming a club hero in his time at Wimborne Road, which saw him form a legendary partnership with Darcy Ward, Holder is gutted to have been forced out after nearly a decade of loyal service.

He told the Bournemouth Daily Echo: "I was a bit disappointed. I've put in a lot of good years at Poole and was always under the impression that if I wanted to be in England, I'd be at Poole and he (Ford) would make that happen.

"If your number doesn't fit then I've worked out pretty quickly that it doesn't mean anything. Loyalty means nothing, pretty much. If your number doesn't fit then it doesn't matter what you've done or how long you've been somewhere.

"When you look at what me and Darcy brought to Poole for all those years, it wasn't as if we were like those guys who race for a team for a couple of years and then change clubs. We put everything into Poole and I think we did a pretty good job.

"It's probably the worst thing about speedway that you get penalised for doing well. But I just have to take it on the chin and move on."

Holder is determined to continue regaining momentum after ending years of injury woe with a rock-solid FIM Speedway Grand Prix season, which saw him finish fourth overall and win the QBE Insurance Australian SGP in Melbourne.

"I had a pretty good year and towards the end of the year I was getting pretty good points everywhere,” he said. “It was another building year and I think next year I will be even better.

"I know what I'm capable of and if he (Ford) wants to go a different way about it, that's his choice. He's the boss and he pays the bills. There is nothing much I can do about it. Luckily for me, King's Lynn wanted us to be there and made it happen and I'm very happy about that."

While Holder admits it will be strange to race against the Pirates for the first time in his career, he hopes a change of scenery will benefit him.

He said: "I had nine really good years at Poole and wasn't planning on changing clubs if I could help it.

"But the way it worked out was that I had no choice so I'm now looking forward to going somewhere new and fresh at this point in my career. With everything that's going on, it's probably good to change it up a bit and do something new."


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