15/01/2017, 12:51

Swedish racer Freddie Lindgren hopes to ride his GTR motor to its first FIM Speedway Grand Prix win as he bids to build on his Stockholm success.

The Andorran-based racer finished third in the Stockholm SGP at the Friends Arena last September. It was a landmark moment for him and his engine tuner Marcel Gerhard as the GTR motor achieved its first podium place.

Having reached just one final in 2016, it’s a result Lindgren would love to repeat and better this season. He said: “We got the first podium in Stockholm and I am looking forward to getting the first win for the GTR.”

"We got the first podium in Stockholm and I am looking forward to getting the first win for the GTR."

- Freddie Lindgren

While the World Championship field has used GM engines almost exclusively for several years, Lindgren has no regrets about bucking the trend and trying something different.

He said: “The engine has worked extremely well for me. The performance level is already there, I believe. But the big plus is the reliability. The engine seems to last a lot longer before you need a service.

“We checked my first engine after 100 heats and the power ratio was the same as it was from brand new. We only checked it to make sure everything was running well and 100 heats weren’t a problem for me to do.

“When it comes to a GM, it depends on who made it and what kind of parts are in there. It could do somewhere between 15 and 40 heats. It has saved me a lot of money; I can assure you of that! I haven’t counted exactly how much, but it’s a good thing if engines can last longer.”

Lindgren admits the GTR has allowed him to spend more time on the testing track. He said: “You can go and practice and don’t have to worry too much about the engine wearing out. You can get a lot more laps in.”


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