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SGP Rider Round-up catches up with SGP’s finest to see what they’ve been up to over the winter months. Today we feature Piotr Pawlicki.

04 / 02 / 2017, 13:59

SGP Rider Round-up catches up with the FIM Speedway Grand Prix’s finest to see what they’ve been up to over the winter months. Today we feature Polish star Piotr Pawlicki.

The Leszno racer is a man who is happy to enjoy some time off the bike when the season ends.

“I am not a kind of a rider, who seeks additional activities in the winter when I ride a full season,” he said. “I do what I love and also have some free time and live my own life.

I don’t look for chances to ride in the winter. As much as I can, I ride at my own small track. I ride motocross a lot and also horses.

Piotr Pawlicki

“I don’t look for chances to ride in the winter. As much as I can, I ride at my own small track. I ride motocross a lot and also horses.

“There’s still a lot of speedway in Poland in the winter but in another sense – media coverage, galas and exhibitions.

"Then there is also some time to have fun and efficient training for the new season.”

Pawlicki may not have been on two wheels recently. But he has been catching up with his Polish national team colleagues and more recently his Leszno team mates at their winter training camps.

The Poles were put through their paces by crossfit trainer and former skier Grzegorz Salwierak, and Pawlicki enjoyed the sessions at mountain resort Szklarska Poreba.

He said: “It’s never boring at these camps. It’s attractive because the chance to train is a pleasure for us.

“There was a new coach, Grzegorz, with us and we were very satisfied with the way he trained us. He understood us very well and knew that the camp’s goal wasn’t a warm-up in just a week, but for us to enjoy the training and do it with a smile. There was also some hard work, but those exercises were pretty well composed by Grzegorz.”

Pawlicki is now enjoying life in the mountains with his Leszno team mates before getting back on the bike next month. While he could head to southern Europe this month in search of some track time, rider No.777 admits waiting for warmer weather in Poland may be a better bet.

He said: “I’ve got my own ways to get ready and don’t look for rides at the moment. I need to take it calmly, work on my general fitness and finally start to ride speedway or motocross. I need to be in the rhythm when the season starts. For now, I’m looking for that rhythm.

“We’re planning more than one motocross trip. It happens to be tough when you start riding speedway in February, without the certainty of what the weather will be like in Poland in March.

“Last year I went to Krsko, trained hard there, went back to Poland and had nowhere to ride there when the weather broke down.

“So it’s much better to figure it out carefully and go practising at the beginning of March or the end of February and then follow that through the whole March, if the weather allows, at a proper pace. Having track practice in February and then a full month’s break is like not practicing at all, and that’s not normal for me.”

Pawlicki admits he may eventually make the journey to Krsko – venue for the AZTORIN Slovenian SGP on April 29 – if he needs some pre-season practice.

He said: “The first GP is scheduled for Krsko, so it seems that the majority of GP riders will go there for training. The weather is pleasant there, the track is fine and other conditions are also cool. So maybe I will also go there?”


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