09/02/2017, 11:04

Polish star Maciej Janowski says he’ll stick with GM engines for now, but doesn’t rule out further tests with Marcel Gerhard’s GTR motor.

The Wroclaw icon fell a point short of the World Championship’s top eight in 2016 and is working hard ahead of the new FIM Speedway Grand Prix season, which launches with the AZTORIN Slovenian SGP in Krsko on April 29.

While British engineer Peter Johns has supplied motors to every world champion since 2012, Danish tuner Flemming Graversen enjoyed great success with four-time SGP winner Jason Doyle last year.

"Personally, I will stay with GM and focus on GM, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t call Marcel at some point of the season and arrange some tests."

- Maciej Janowski

Gerhard’s new GTR engine is also gaining interest among riders. Janowski admits he has tested the motor. And while he’s sticking with GMs for new, he doesn’t rule out taking another look at the Swiss tuner’s machine.

He said: “We will see who uses the new engines this season. I can only say that I have very good contact with Marcel Gerhard and also had an opportunity to test his engine two years ago.

“At that time, it wasn’t as good as it was last season. Marcel is an excellent mechanic and tuner, so for sure he’ll prepare something fine.

“Personally, I will stay with GM and focus on GM, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t call Marcel at some point of the season and arrange some tests.”

Janowski says he only briefly tried the GTR in his homeland. “Tests took place in Czestochowa,” he said. “We didn’t have much time and instead of two days, we had only a few hours because it was raining.

“Marcel had an excellent, professional attitude into it. He arrived from Switzerland and shared two or three engines with me. So our co-operation isn’t a closed chapter.”

All of the SGP elite develop their machinery in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. And Janowski hopes Wroclaw’s return to the Olympic Stadium, which was closed for redevelopment last year, will give him more opportunities to work on his bikes.

He said: “We try something new all the time, whether it’s tyres or new exhausts, so we never ride a standard model and pray it’ll go well.

“Everybody tests something, checking new things and improvements. There are so many ideas, but often there’s no time during the season to test them. The number of meetings limits us.

“For sure moving back to Wroclaw makes things a lot easier. We will have many more opportunities to spend more time at the track.”


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