17/02/2017, 12:25

Zielona Gora boss Marek Cieslak believes he offered a calming influence as “electric” Aussie star Jason Doyle enjoyed a stunning 2016 season.

The Polish national team manager joined forces with the world No.5 at Falubaz and Doyle admits Cieslak had a huge influence on him in a year he stormed to four FIM Speedway Grand Prix victories and the team won Ekstraliga bronze.

The Newcastle-born racer has transformed himself into one of the world’s top riders and starts the season as the bookmakers’ favourite to lift the world title.

"When I see a rider too, I would say ‘too electric’, then he needs some help from me with getting calm."

- Marek Cieslak

Asked how he had tried to support Doyle at Falubaz, Cieslak hinted that stopping the Norwich-based racer getting too wound up played a part.

He said: “The subject of talks between the coach and a rider stays between them. I notice a lot of details, but can’t always talk about it. These things are both mechanical and mental issues.

“But when I see a rider too, I would say ‘too electric’, then he needs some help from me with getting calm.

“During the match tactics also matter and it needs to be explained to the guys why we go one way or another on the track.

“In Doyle’s case, it was more mental help than technical. We can organise all that he needs with equipment. But speedway is more than this. The sport is so stressful that the safety valve must be pushed to let the pressure break free. My co-operation with Jason is pretty normal, like with any other rider.”

Cieslak defended Zielona Gora’s decision not to force Doyle to attend their winter training camp.

The Monster Energy FIM Speedway World Cup-winning coach said: “He is a foreign rider, who stays in Australia during the winter and it would be difficult to make him travel from Australia to Poland for just four days. He might never have seen snow in his life!

“Maybe he’d bond with the team better, but we all raced together for a whole year and everything went perfectly. I didn’t push him to shorten his free time that he spends at home and come to Poland just for those four days.”

Another SGP star under Cieslak’s leadership at Falubaz is Polish champion Patryk Dudek. Despite the rider winning the GP Challenge to earn his place in the World Championship, the Zielona Gora boss insists one of the nation’s brightest prospects hasn’t changed.

He said: “In my opinion Patryk Dudek is the same man he was a year ago. I can’t see any change. He looks the same and practises the same.

“I would just say that everybody must have some humility because the sport requires it. But when it comes to Patryk, everything is fine with him.”


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