20/02/2017, 12:00

SGP Five Facts brings you five things you may not know about the 2017 FIM Speedway Grand Prix stars. Today, it’s Nicki Pedersen.

1. This will be the Danish icon’s 17th straight season in the SGP series. Pedersen made his World Championship debut at the 2000 Swedish SGP in Linkoping, scoring one point. But after finishing fourth at the Danish SGP in Vojens on September 2, 2000, he made his full-time debut in the series in 2001.

2. It took Pedersen just three seasons to claim his first World Championship in 2003, before adding two more in 2007 and 2008 – he’s one of just two riders, along with Tony Rickardsson, to have retained the title in the SGP era.

3. The Odense-born man has 16 SGP wins to his name – six of them achieved in Poland. He has triumphed twice in Bydgoszcz and has also topped the box in Chorzow, where he got his first SGP win in 2002, Wroclaw, Leszno and Torun. But he’s still waiting for his first victory in Denmark.

4. Pedersen remains the only full-time SGP rider not to select a riding number and will start the 2017 season as No.12 – his ranking from 2016. But it could prove a lucky charm for the 39-year-old, as he won his first world title in the No.12 race jacket in 2003.

5. Few SGP stars can rival Pedersen’s record in the World Championship, which has seen him appear in 165 SGPs, racing 956 heats and winning 328 of them – that’s a win rate of just over 34 percent. He has also reached the final 63 times – or in an impressive 38 percent of his SGP appearances.


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