25/02/2017, 12:45

SGP Rider Round-up finds out what the 2017 FIM Speedway Grand Prix stars have been up to during the off-season. Today we feature Antonio Lindback.

It’s no surprise to see pictures of the Rio Rocket doing something adrenaline-fuelled in his time away from the shale. And skiing has always been very much Lindback’s second sport.

With balance, bravery and body positioning all just as important on the speedway track as they are on the piste, it’s no wonder the Avesta-based star takes to the slopes.

"I wanted to sit on the bike before now, but at the same time, it’s good to have a few months off and do something else."

- Antonio Lindback

“I have done some skiing again this winter,” he said. “That was pretty fun. I haven’t done as much as I really wanted to. But a couple of weeks ago I did lots of skiing and that was a lot of fun.

“I’ve been doing it in Sweden this year. Normally I go to Norway, but I’ve had to stay at home because I’ve had so much other stuff to do. I haven’t had much time to go away and do stuff. But there’s one place about 45 minutes from my house. That’s pretty good.

“The kids are really good and my wife-to-be is also really good. It’s a lot of fun. The whole family skis.”

Lindback taking to the snow might be common, but he has also proved equally effective in a lecture hall.

The Swedish international has been very pro-active in his search for sponsors, giving personal presentations to potential backers, with a number of new companies coming on board.

With sponsorship money vital in the search for speed, Lindback hopes his work during the winter will pay off on the track.

He said: “It’s even more important to work hard when it’s a tough time to get sponsors, so it’s good to find different ways to find new companies.

“One way is getting in new companies and another is getting more people to get involved around me and become more interested in my name.

“It has been a good winter for doing this. I’m really happy with that and I have worked really hard on it. Matthias my manager has done a good job.”

As the spring approaches, Lindback can’t wait to get back down to business on the track.

He said: “I wanted to sit on the bike before now, but at the same time, it’s good to have a few months off and do something else. I’ll sit on the bike for the first time very soon.”


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