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Greg Hancock has unveiled his new Polish challenge after signing a reported three-year deal with Second Division club Rzeszow.

13 / 11 / 2017, 18:56

American legend Greg Hancock has unveiled his new Polish challenge after signing a reported three-year deal with Second Division club Rzeszow.

The 47-year-old recently announced he wouldn’t be racing in the Ekstraliga next year in the midst of the contract row between riders and the league, mainly over the use of sponsorship logos on kevlars and bikes.

While that battle has now been resolved, Hancock has still been tempted out of the top flight and into Poland’s third tier, where he is setting his sights on inspiring Rzeszow from the bottom division all the way back to the Ekstraliga.

As everybody knows, we like a challenge and there is a plan for three years at this club. That plan has to come together.

Greg Hancock

Hancock won’t only serve as a rider; he will also be on hand to coach and mentor his team mates and the club’s younger talents, with his mechanic Rafal Haj also lending his support.

And Grin admits his new role in Poland is a challenge that inspires him. He said: “I’m going to do everything I can to use my experience, my knowledge and my enthusiasm to help the club, from the kids right up to where we are as professional riders today.

“As everybody knows, we like a challenge and there is a plan for three years at this club. That plan has to come together.

“Maybe some things are not going to work, but some things are going to work really well. We have to just work hard.

“I like this challenge. It is a big challenge for me, and one I want to be successful at. It might not go perfectly, but we’re going to give it everything we have.”

He added: “I chose to step away from Ekstraliga racing this year to do something different. I felt I needed to make a change, but I didn’t realise the change would come the way it did.

“To be exact, the invitation and the proposal that Mr Nawrocki (club owner Ireneusz Nawrocki) put forward to us is a very interesting challenge for me, and something I have never done in my career.

“This isn’t just about me. It’s about a whole new group of people. This is about my mechanic and I, and what we can do for Stal Rzeszow.

“I can tell you right now that given the way this has been put together and the way this has flown together in a very short time … the look in the eyes of Mr Nawrocki and the people involved has given me a whole other view of my racing.

“For probably the first time in many, many years, I have got a different light and I’m very, very excited to start a new season.”

Rzeszow’s first step back towards the elite is winning the Second Division this season.

Hancock is joined at the club by the likes of former Polish champion Tomasz Jedrzejak, Aussie international Nick Morris, Nicklas Porsing, Rory Schlein, Kyle Howarth, Dawid Stachyra, Maciej Kuciapa, Eduard Mazur, Aaron Summers and Lewis Rose.

While Grin knows there’s work to do, he’s certain he’s joining a side capable of delivering stage one of the club’s grand plan.

He said: “I want nothing more than to win. Every year I go into a team, I want to go into a team that has the chance to win, especially at this period in my career. I need inspiration more and more because I am very hard on myself and I put a lot of pressure on myself. If the team doesn’t win, I don’t win.

“I believe that with the team they have right now on paper and the other possibilities that are still out there, we have the chance to win the title. But we still have to work together as a team.”


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