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Former world champion Chris Holder stormed joint-top of the Australian Championship after a near-perfect performance in Mildura on Saturday.

05 / 01 / 2019, 11:00

Former world champion Chris Holder stormed joint-top of the Australian Championship after a near-perfect performance in Mildura on Saturday.

The Sydneysider dropped just one point in the heats as he topped the scorechart on 14, before winning the final ahead of defending champion Rohan Tungate and Gillman round winner Max Fricke to leave all three riders tied on 30 points in the battle for national title glory.

Only Aussie Under-21 champion Jaimon Lidsey beat Holder on the night as he impressed at Olympic Park to step up his bid for an SGP return.

Fricke and Tungate joined him in qualifying automatically for the A Final after racking up 11 apiece, with Brady Kurtz and Jack Holder matching that tally, only to be forced into the B Final on countback. Sam Masters and Leicester signing Ryan Douglas also earned place in the last-chance race on 10.

And it was Kurtz who booked his place in the A Final with a victory, going on to claim an extra point for fourth place.

Nick Morris fell short of the B Final once again on eight, while Jordan Stewart was unable to make it two straight finals after scoring six. Lidsey was unable to build on his heroics against Holder and ended on five.

Round three will be staged at Undera on Monday.

MILDURA HEAT SCORES: 1 Chris Holder 14, 2 Max Fricke 11, 3 Rohan Tungate 11, 4 Brady Kurtz 11, 5 Jack Holder 11, 6 Sam Masters 10, 7 Ryan Douglas 10, 8 Nick Morris 8, 9 Jordan Stewart 6, 10 Todd Kurtz 6, 11 Ben Cook 6, 12 Jaimon Lidsey 5, 13 Justin Sedgmen 5, 14 Kye Thompson 5, 15 Zane Keleher 1, 16 Zach Cook 1, 17 Josh Pickering DNR.

B Final: B Kurtz, J Holder, Masters, Douglas.

A Final: C Holder, Tungate, Fricke, Kurtz.

AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP STANDINGS: 1= Max Fricke 30, Rohan Tungate 30, Chris Holder 30, 4 Jack Holder 22, 5= Sam Masters 20, Brady Kurtz 20, 7 Jordan Stewart 17, 8 Ryan Douglas 16, 9= Jaimon Lidsey 15, Nick Morris 15, 11 Todd Kurtz 12, 12 Ben Cook 11, 13= Zane Keleher 6, Kye Thompson 6, 15 Justin Sedgmen 5, 16 Zach Cook 4, 17 Josh Pickering 1.


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