25/10/2011, 12:46

Poole star Darcy Ward fears he will be the man to make way if Pirates are forced to choose between him and Chris Holder for 2012.

The Australian duo, known as the Turbo Twins to fans in Dorset, led Pirates to an Elite League and Knockout Cup double this term.

Under the current team-building rules, the Wimborne Road outfit would be forced to choose between the two men as they both have averages in excess of 8.00.

While many in the sport want to see Holder (9.30) and Ward (8.94) stick together in 2012, there are fears rival promoters may fight moves to lift the limit on eight-plus riders.

If Pirates are forced to make a choice between the pair, Ward, who joined Poole in 2010, fears Holder’s four years at Poole would make him favourite to serve as the club’s No.1.

"It’s just other promoters who are against Matt. It’s not about me and Chris. It’s just speedway."

- Darcy Ward

He said: “Everyone hopes it won’t happen, but as the rules are, it could happen. It’s not going to be good, but someone would have to go and I think it will be me because Chris has been here a bit longer. I’d love to stay here, but what a stupid rule.”

Ward believes any promoters who vote against scrapping the controversial over-eight rule would only hurt their own chances of success as Pirates risk ending up with a top-heavy side.

“If they do want to keep us, it would be pretty stupid if the other promoters don’t let that happen,” he said.

“We’ve got such high averages and that means the rest of our team isn’t going to be as good. Why wouldn’t they want that?”

Ward also fears promoters from other Elite sides bearing a grudge against Poole owner Matt Ford could try to scupper the dynamic duo’s hopes of staying together.

He said: “It has become a bit of a protest. There are a lot of people who want to keep us at Poole. But there are a lot of idiots who want to change it.

“I’m not saying it’s the BSPA; it’s just other promoters who are against Matt. It’s not about me and Chris. It’s just speedway. If they can get some advantage, they’ll do it.”

If Ward misses out on a spot at Poole, he has hinted he will sit out Elite League racing next year.

He has been linked with a return to Torun in the Polish Ekstraliga and there is talk of him joining Swedish Elitserien giants Dackarna following Lejonen’s relegation to the Allsvenskan League.

But at just 19-years-old, Ward will need more meetings to continue his development in the sport, and he is ready to look elsewhere in mainland Europe to find them.

He said: “I’m hoping to be at Torun next year and another club in Sweden. I could just concentrate on that, or maybe do some open meetings or the Czech meetings like the big boys do. Hancock is always in the Czech Republic. Maybe I could do the Danish league too. There are always options.”

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