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what is the biggest dirt bike in the world

If technology is said to be constantly evolving, so is the world of motocross dirt biking. Manufacturers have long been striving for cutting-edge technologies to get recognized in a field synonymous with adrenaline rush and extreme adventures.

Hence, let’s get into superlatives. To start, what is the biggest dirt bike in the world? Currently holding the title is the gigantic Suzuki RM-Z450. Its dimensions are as follows: 83.5 cm in width, 217.4 cm in length, and 126 cm in height.

Largest Dirt Bikes Ever Built


You might be curious about the characteristics of a huge dirt bike. To be fair, it might be challenging to do a side-by-side size comparison, as there are other superlatives to consider. We shall learn more about these in the succeeding sections.

Current Biggest Dirt Bike in the World

The Suzuki RM-Z450 is an innovative milestone in motocross dirt biking achieved by the Suzuki group. It is a vehicle that is considered fit for champions. Beyond its enormous dimensions lie interesting features that make its design more noteworthy.

Features and Specifications

As listed, here are the key features and specifications of Suzuki’s RM-Z450 dirt bike, based on the brand’s official website:

Features Details
Engine – Advanced fuel injection system for efficiency in power delivery and fuel usage

– With long kick-start lever, air cleaner, and automatic decompression system

– Coolant pump is protected by resin engine protectors and a stator cover.

Advanced Electronics – Changes in ignition and fuel delivery can be integrated into the MX Tuner smartphone application.

– Information on engine and run-time can be viewed in real time.

– Quick fuel adjustments are made possible by fuel couplers.

Transmission – 5-speed transmission

– Lightweight chain guide

– Rack and pinion clutch

Chassis – Lightweight, hexagon-shaped aluminum rails

– Better handling and rider controls with large, adjustable damping cylinders attached to the fork leg

– Seat made with a special density foam

The specifications are tabulated as follows:

Engine type and size 4-stroke engine, 449cc
Fuel system Fuel injection
Fuel tank capacity 6.3 liters
Wheelbase dimensions 58.3 inches
Ground clearance 13 inches
Seat height 37.8 inches

Other Large Dirt Bikes in History

To date, the Suzuki RM-Z450 isn’t the only dirt bike with enormous dimensions. In this section, let’s get to know some of the models considered as titans in their own feat.

1. Biggest Dirt Bike Engine


In terms of the biggest dirt bike engine, the 2023 model of the MAICO 700 currently takes the cake. With a monstrous 2 stroke engine size of 685cc, it is also considered the highest horsepower dirt bike or the most powerful dirt bike at 82 hp.

The specifications are as follows:

Engine type and size 2-stroke engine, 685cc
Horsepower 82 hp
Wheelbase dimensions 58.5 inches
Ground clearance 14 inches
Seat height 37.2 inches

Not long ago, previously holding the highest hp title was the ATK 700 Intimidator. Still tied with the Maico 700 for the highest cc at 685cc, no wonder biking experts already consider this model a monster in its own league.

2. Tallest Mini Bike


In the mini dirt bike category, the Kawasaki KX 100 dirt bikes reigns supreme in terms of height. Its dimensions are designed to suit taller kids and aspiring racers.

That being said, tabulated are some of its noteworthy specifications:

Engine type and size 2-stroke engine, 99 cc
Fuel tank capacity 5 liters
Wheelbase 51.5 inches
Ground clearance 13 inches
Dimensions 75.6 inches (length), 30.1 inches (width), 34.3 inches (height)

3. Biggest Mini Bike


What could be the biggest mini bike in terms of engine size? Well, the Mototech Hooligan Gas mini dirt bike is one of them with a whooping 60cc for engine size. No wonder this is considered one of the faster gas-powered mini dirt bikes suitable for kids.

Tabulated below are some of its noteworthy specifications:

Engine type and size 4-stroke engine, 60 cc
Fuel tank capacity 2.15 liters
Seat height 24 inches
Ground clearance 5 inches
Dimensions 49 inches (length), 23 inches (width), 28 inches (height)

4. Dirt Bike for the Tallest Riders

Source: rivamiami.com

If you are a tall human, you naturally would want to choose a dirt bike that will give you a comfortable riding experience. Worry not, Yamaha YZ250X specifically caters to that aspect.

With a seat height of 38.4 inches, it is among the dirt bikes with the tallest seat height. Other specifications worth noting in this bike model are as follows:

Engine type and size 2-stroke engine, 249 cc
Fuel tank capacity 8 liters
Weight with fuel 104 kg
Ground clearance 14 inches
Seat height 38 inches

5. Fastest Dirt Bike


There is indeed a reason why KTM is one of the most reputable dirt bike brands out there. At the peak of its catalog of different size of dirt bikes lies the most supreme of them all, the KTM 450 SX-F.

It boasts of several championship wins under its belt, thus unanimously being considered by dirt bike enthusiasts as the fastest one to date with a top speed of up to 123 miles per hour. The following table shows its other specifications worth checking out:

Engine type and size 4-stroke engine, 449.9 cc
Horsepower 63 hp
Fuel tank capacity 7.2 liters
Weight without fuel 102.6 kg
Ground clearance 14.1 inches
Seat height 37.7 inches

Potential Uses and Future Possibilities


There is more to riding big dirt bikes. Other than exploring the great outdoors, here are some of its potential uses that can actually be beneficial in your end as you try to immerse in the riding experience:

  • Stress relief
  • Mental alertness
  • Family bonding time
  • Improving problem solving skills
  • Improving road riding skills

It may not come as a surprise that more manufacturing companies will make investments in electric-powered dirt bikes in the future, given the inventive concepts and virtually endless possibilities surrounding dirt bike technologies.

Brands like Zero, Cake, and even KTM have already made the initiative to manufacture high-quality dirt bikes that attract motorcycling enthusiasts and riders. Less emissions are promised by this sustainable development.


It may be trivial to ask what is the biggest dirt bike in the world, but it doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about the Suzuki RM-Z450, which holds the title at present. This cool dirt bike proves that there is more to the wonders of the biking world.

So, the next time you come across the coolest dirt bikes on the market, take some time to admire the engineering feats that went into its design. Who knows, we may experience yet another wave of exciting innovations sooner than we anticipate.

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