How to Change a Dirt Bike Tube? – 2 Easy Methods

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how to change a dirt bike tube

Dirt bike tires and tubes don’t last forever. They are sometimes punctured or get damaged because of overheating.

So, in this article, you’ll learn how to change a dirt bike tube to keep them efficient and safe to use, including its different ways and detailed steps. If you don’t know which tube to use, keep reading below because we’ll also give you tips and answer frequently asked questions regarding dirt bike tubes!

Ways to Change a Dirt Bike Tube


Without tools, it’ll be hard for you to remove a dirt bike tube. Thus, prepare these essentials for your tube replacement.

  1. A removal tool such as tire irons
  2. Spanner
  3. Inflator
  4. Lube

Depending on your preference, there are two ways to change a dirt bike tube. See below:

Method 1: Bead first then the inner tube

  • Step 1: Remove the wheel from the motorcycle

You need to remove the wheel off the bike so that you can easily remove a dirt bike tire and its tube. Then, put it on the dirt bike tire changing stand, with the rotor side down.

  • Step 2: Loosen the rim lock

Once everything is set up, remove the rim lock using a spanner.

  • Step 3: Break the bead


Pry the rim into the tire using tire irons so that the bead gets unstuck from the rim.

  • Step 4: Take out the inner tube

After breaking the bead and after you take off a bike tire from the rim, remove the inner tube by pulling the tire. However, make sure a part of the tire is still on the rim when you reinsert your new tube.

  • Step 5: Insert your new tube


Slide the inner tube between the tire and rim, starting with the valve. The valve stem must be inserted into its hole before you slide the tube in completely.

  • Step 6: Mount the dirt bike tire

Reinstall the tire by mounting it on the rim after you’re able to completely fit your new tube. You can use your lubricator or baby powder here to reduce friction and easily put it back to the rim.

  • Step 7: Inflate your inner tube


Inflate your tube with the right amount of pressure so that the tire is set on the rim and to avoid overinflation.

  • Step 8: Tighten the rim lock

To ensure that the rim and the tire are secure, don’t forget to tighten your rim lock using a spanner after you’re done with the steps above.

Here’s a tutorial video to help you visualize how to remove a dirt bike tube!

Method 2: Inner tube first then the bead

  • Step 1: Remove the wheel from the bike


After removing your wheel from the bike, set it on a mounting stand or the floor.

  • Step 2: Remove the bike tire from the rim


To remove the bike tire from the rim, insert the tire iron between the tire and the rim. Then, put pressure on the rim with your hand while you’re taking the rim down on the bead until the tire is fully out of the rim.

  • Step 3: Install the tube


Install the tube on the tire and inflate it with enough pressure so that the tube is put in place.

Then, reinstall the valve stem into the valve stem hole with the nut to keep the tube from slipping out.

  • Step 4: Put the bead back

Using your tire irons, install the bead back onto the rim. Just pull the bead out until you end at the rim lock.

  • Step 5: Tighten the rim lock


Once the bead has slipped onto the rim, check the rim lock and tighten it once everything is ready.

Overall, replacing a dirt bike front tire tube is the same as when you change a rear dirt bike tube.

Just make sure you follow the steps above.

Other Tips


1. Best Practices to follow

Replacing a bike tube could be complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. So here are some tips to help you when you do tube replacement!

  1. Valve – The valves for inner tubes are not the same, so ensure you have the right style or type for your dirt bike to avoid damaging your inner tubes. In addition, don’t ever tighten its nut down onto the rim to avoid problems with your tire.
  2. Lubrication – Just like when doing dirt bike tire replacement, dirt bike tire mounting lube is important when inserting a tube between the tire and rim because it reduces friction, enabling your tube to have a longer lifespan.
  3. Don’t pinch the tube -When replacing your dirt bike’s inner tube, make sure you do it without pinching the tube to avoid damaging it. Also, be careful when inserting the tube to avoid folds on them.

2. Signs of a damaged tube that needs replacement

When you have a flat tire or the patch doesn’t work anymore, it’s time to replace your inner tubes. Another way to know is to check its air pressure and check for leaks.

3. Tips for tube maintenance and prevention

Some of the causes of flat tires are wear and tear, overinflated tubes, and punctures. So to avoid damaging your inner tubes, here are some tips for your reference!

  • Check the tube when replacing your tire

When changing a dirt bike tire, such as the video of Dirt Bike TV’s tire change, consider checking your inner tubes as well to ensure they’re in great shape.

  • Right air pressure

Having the right air pressure will avoid pinch flats on your tube. The recommended pressure is 12 to 14 pounds per square inch (psi).

  • Avoid running over debris

A puncture is one of the reasons for a damaged tube. Thus, to avoid it, try to avoid running your wheels along debris or sharp objects.

  • Regular replacement

To ensure that your inner tubes are in shape and in good condition always, it’s advisable to change them every six months.

  • Don’t overtighten

When installing dirt bike tube nuts or locks, don’t overtighten them to avoid damaging the tube or the tire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Causes of Flat Tires in Off-road Riding

The dirt bike tube pinching the wheel rim and the tire is one of the causes of your flat bike tire. Some opt for replacing this tube with inflated pads that have better resistance against puctures.

Is changing a bike tube hard?

Changing a bike tube is really not that hard. Just follow the instructions above to easily remove and install a new tube in minutes.

Should I call a professional?

Don’t give up before you even try. However, if you want less hassle and think you’re much more comfortable when a professional changes your tube, then you should consider reaching out to your nearest moto shop.

How much does it cost to change a dirt bike tube?

Typically, the inner tube for dirt bikes costs around $20 to $30. However, if you plan to get the tube replacement done professionally, it depends on the shop, but you may have to spend around $25.

What are the factors to consider when selecting a tube?

When selecting a tube, you need to consider the following to ensure that your replacement tube is proper for your dirt bike:

  • Thin vs. Thick

The thickness will depend on where you’re riding. For instance, if you’re riding an off-road dirt bike, it’s recommended to use a thicker tube to make it more resistant to punctures.

In contrast, you need to use a thinner tube when riding on the road because a thick tube will overheat, which will deteriorate your tube.

  • Material

There are two types of material used for inner tubes: Butyl or synthetic rubber and natural rubber.

The former is cheaper than natural rubber. Regarding their performance, natural rubber is more effective when resisting punctures, but synthetic rubbers are said to age better.

  • Size

The size of your tube depends on the size of your tire. You should have the right size to avoid overinflation or pinching of your tube.

Here’s a dirt bike inner tube size chart for your reference:

Front tire:

Metric Alpha Inch
80/90 MH90 2.50/2.75
90/90 MJ90 2.75/3.00
100/90 MM90 3.25/3.50
120/80 4.25/4.50
120/90 MR90 4.25/4.50
130/90 MT90 5.00/5.10

Rear Tire:

Metric Alpha Inch
110/90 MP85 4.00/4.75
120/90 MR90 4.50/4.75
130/80 5.00/5.10
140/80 5.50/6.00
140/90 MU90 5.50/6.00
150/80 MV85 6.00/6.25
150/90 MV85 6.00/6.25

Are there specific tube brands recommended for dirt bikes?

The right brand is usually a matter of preference. Nevertheless, some of the popular and trusted brands are Bridgestone, Avon, Kenda, and Continental.


Aside from replacing your dirt bike tire, it’s important to check on your inner tubes, as punctured tubes won’t be efficient and will affect your dirt bike’s speed. Regularly check the air pressure and for punctures to determine if tube replacement is necessary.

I hope you now know how to change a dirt bike tube. Remember to always maintain your bike, including its tubes, to have a fun and safe riding experience!

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