How to Clean Your Dirt Bike Helmet? (Best Way)

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If you’re an avid dirt bike rider, then your helmet will definitely be filled with dirt and dust that will accumulate during your off-road adventures.

Learning how to clean your dirt bike helmet allows you to keep it in tip-top condition.

To clean your helmet, start by removing its components, including the liner, pads, and shell. You then clean each component, and wipe them clean.

Besides, properly cleaning your helmet lets you benefit from the protection it gives you during your rides. Let’s look at how you can clean it properly in this guide.

What to Prepare for Cleaning Your Dirt Bike Helmet


The dirt bike helmet cleaning is pretty straightforward. You just need the following materials to get started:

  • Soap and water
  • Cleaning agent
  • Cloth or microfiber towel

Once you have those materials, you then have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the Liner, Pads, and Visor


Before you wash a bike helmet, you first have to remove all of the various components from your dirt bike helmet.

These include the liner, pads, and visor.

It’s important to separate all of them from the outer shell as you’ll have to clean them separately for the best results.

You can easily remove these components by hand, though if you own an older helmet, it might have a non-removable helmet liner instead.

If that’s the case, then you have to be careful as you clean your helmet’s interior to avoid damaging the liner. Even if it’s a removable one, you still have to be careful removing it as it’s fairly delicate.

Step 2: Wash the Liner and Pads


The next step is to start washing your helmet’s liner and pads by hand.

Since these components trap most of your sweat while riding, you want to make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned before putting them back into the helmet.

You can use a modern washing machine to clean them, though you’ll have to use a washing net and only wash them on a gentle cycle to prevent them from getting damaged.

It’s still best to wash them by hand.

  • Start by washing the liner and dirt bike helmet pads in warm water with soap.
  • Apply a cleaning agent to thoroughly clean it. Make sure to use one with no harsh chemicals to prevent damaging the foam.

Step 3: Clean the Visor


Once you’re done cleaning the liner and pads, you then have to clean the visor. Use the same cleaning agent that you use for your liner and pads.

After that, wipe it dry using a microfiber towel or cloth. You can also apply a visor cleaner to make it shiny and sparkling.

When wiping, make sure to wipe sideways or up and down. Don’t wipe in circles as it can only scratch your helmet visor.

Step 4: Wash Your Helmet’s Outer Shell


After cleaning all of your helmet’s components, you then want to wash its outer shell next.

  • If your helmet has removable pads and liners, you can just use a wet microfiber towel to clean the interior of the shell.

You can also use a cleaning agent and rinse it with lukewarm water afterward.

  • On the other hand, if your helmet doesn’t have a removable liner, you’ll have to soak it in a bucket with lukewarm water and a cleaning agent for 10-15 minutes.

You can then remove it and clean the shell using a microfiber towel. Rinse it with lukewarm water and leave it to dry.

Simply repeat the process over and over again until your helmet’s outer shell is thoroughly cleaned.

Step 5: Leave Them to Dry


The final step would be to leave all of your helmet’s components to dry.

As long as you followed all of the steps above, all of your helmet’s components should now be clean. What’s left is for you to leave the helmet to dry.

However, you don’t want to expose it directly to sunlight. Doing so will only cause its paint and color to fade. You want to avoid exposing it to heat either.

The best way to drive all of them is to place the components in a well-ventilated room and let the air dry them out properly.

Finally, once all of the components have dried up, simply reassemble the pieces. You can also opt to disinfect the helmet using a spray-on wax.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I clean my dirt bike helmet?

We highly suggest you clean your helmet before and after every ride.

Since the pads and liner can get easily drenched in sweat and dirt, it will make for an unpleasant ride if you just leave them be.

By regularly cleaning your dirt bike helmet, you’ll be able to maintain its condition and keep it smelling fresh at all times.

Is it okay to leave my helmet unwashed for a certain period?

We don’t recommend leaving your dirt bike helmet unwashed for a long time after using it on an off-road adventure.

Over time, the dirt and sweat that accumulated in the liner and pads will be a good breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to illness and irritation should you put on your unwashed helmet.


This wraps up our guide on how to clean your dirt bike helmet to maintain its condition and keep it looking and smelling fresh.

As you can see, cleaning your helmet isn’t a complicated process. It’s something that you can just do at home using a handful of basic household materials.

Just make sure to take your time while cleaning it to remove any dirt, sweat, and odor as much as possible.

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