How to Do a Wheelie on a Dirt Bike? – 3 Steps w/Tutorial Videos

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how to do a wheelie on a dirt bike

So you finally got the dirt bike that you’ve always wanted. Getting to experience adrenaline while riding is a feeling like no other. That feeling keeps us in the loop and makes us go for more.

Eventually, there’s a high chance you’ll want to learn how to do a wheelie on a dirt bike because this is the first trick most people try to do, and it gives you better bike control.

It looks easy, but don’t be overconfident. This stunt is still dangerous and might leave you with a broken bike or fractured bones. So prepare yourself first, follow safety precautions, and read this step-by-step guide as you go on.

Ways Step to Do a Wheelie


What to prepare

  • Standard bike – This is optional, but you can practice balancing with a bike first before doing it on an actual dirt bike.
  • Safety gear – Of course, you must wear protective equipment while attempting stunts to prevent any injury.
  • Dirt bike wheelie trainers – This tool is handy because it prevents you from falling over on your back while practicing wheelie

Take note that learning to wheelie on a 2-stroke dirt bike is the same as doing a wheelie on a 4-stroke dirt bike. So don’t worry about what kind of engine you have on your motorcycle. All you need is patience.

Step 1: Start with a slow, idle speed.


Look for an open field where you can learn to wheelie on a dirt bike. If the area is slightly uphill, this is the perfect situation because the natural resistance will help you maintain the balance better.

  • First off, position yourself on the bike where your weight is towards the back of the dirt bike. Leaving about 6 inches of space at the back of your seat is the right spot.
  • When you want to pop a wheelie on a dirt bike, starting slow is the best option because learning a slow wheelie will make learning a fast wheelie much easier, but not vice versa.
  • Now with your engine on first or second gear (depending on where you are comfortable), apply a bit of throttle to make your bike move at about 5-10 mph.

Step 2: Pop the front end of the dirt bike up.


There are several ways you can ride a wheelie on a dirt bike. And to pop the front end up, you can do it with or without the clutch.

  • With the clutch

When you try to push the front wheel up with the clutch, you need to combine it with the front brake.

When you feel comfortable with your position, slightly pull the clutch and front brake simultaneously, then quickly release, followed by a quick and punchy throttle around 15-20mph. With enough power, this will make your motorcycle go up.

  • Without the clutch

Starting a wheelie without using the clutch is an alternative way for those who find it hard to use it with the front brake and throttle together.

This method is easy since most newer dirt bike models have enough power to make the front end go up.

Start with your engine in the third or fourth gear, then pull the front brake until you’re down to a comfortable slow speed. Once you’re at that speed, rip the throttle while leaning back to make the front end of your dirt bike up.

Step 3: Maintain your position as long as possible.


Once you’ve gotten the hang of popping the front end up of your bike comfortably, the next and final goal is to keep yourself in that position by using a combination of your throttle and rear brake.

This combination is integral to a successful wheelie because most people forget to use the rear brake once they’re up, so they tend to flip all the way.

  • Once the front wheel is off the ground, immediately shift your foot to the rear brake to control it readily.
  • As you balance the bike, maintain a straight posture and keep your arms straight so the bike won’t fall sideways.
  • Once you’re falling toward your back, step on the rear brake to push yourself forward and twist the throttle to push yourself up again.
  • Maintain your balance using the brake and the throttle to keep yourself at a safe angle.

In addition, You can read tutorial video to follow:

Tips for beginners


It can be frustrating when you can’t pull off a wheelie property despite trying again and again, so here are some helpful tips you can follow:

  • Relax and focus. Balancing yourself on a dirt bike can be extremely hard when distracted by other things. While it is natural to feel anxiety when attempting a wheelie as a beginner, try to keep yourself calm as much as possible.
  • Keep one finger each on the clutch and the front brake, and keep your foot on the rear brake. It is so that you are ready to catch yourself when you are out of balance.
  • Decide on a gear you are comfortable with. You can use any from the first to the fourth. But if you are just starting, using the first gear to pop a motocross wheelie is the safest method. You can decide on other gears once you get some practice.
  • Practice! Taking things little by little can still get you far. Find a suitable location to practice and try doing small wheelies first, then gradually increase the height and distance as you progress.
  • Seek professional guidance. It is a good idea to contact a pro who knows wheelie to guide you. If you have a friend or the means to get someone to help you out, it will be a much faster experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it easy to wheelie a dirt bike?

If you’ve ever seen a wheelie from a game, such as in GTA 5, Offroad Outlaws, or probably even in Fortnite, and you think it is easy to pull off, there’s a high chance you’ll fail.

To put it simply, saying that it is a piece of cake depends on factors like your skill level and the power of the dirt bike. Wheelies on a dirt bike can be difficult, especially for starters. It requires excellent balance, coordination, and throttle control.

Most people, however, can learn to perform wheelies on a dirt bike with enough practice and proper technique. It is critical to begin slowly and eventually progress to longer wheelies.

It’s essential to wear appropriate safety equipment, such as a helmet and protective clothing, and practice in a safe environment to progress faster.

With all that, performing a wheelie can become natural with time and experience.

Why can’t I wheelie my dirt bike?

There are several reasons why you probably can’t wheelie on your bike. Other than a lack of practice, sometimes, it might be because of the model of your motorcycle. So you might wonder, what is the easiest dirt bike to wheelie?

It still depends on your skill levels and preference, but a lighter model will generally help you with more control and balance. A good choice would be a 125cc dirt bike or even a 110cc dirt bike.

Here are some models you can pop a wheelie with as a beginner:

  • KTM 250 XC


  • Honda CRF150F


  • Kawasaki KX100


All of these listed above are a combination of good power and lightweight. The dirt bike power is essential, so you can easily pop the front end up without much effort. And the lightness of these models makes it easier to handle and balance the bike.

Also, these bikes are popular, and you can get them relatively cheaply from secondhand markets.

For kids practicing a wheelie, a 50cc dirt bike or a smaller electric dirt bike is the right amount of power and weight so they can maneuver it easily.


We hope that this guide helped you learn a wheelie faster! It all ends up on how far your determination will go to become good at doing wheelies.

Always remember that staying safe and going slow is the key to a successful wheelie, and be sure you’re in an open area to avoid hurting anyone else.

So do you want to learn how to do a wheelie on a dirt bike? Start practicing!

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