How Fast Does a 110cc Dirt Bike Go? – Average Speed

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how fast does a 110cc dirt bike go

Off-road motorcycle racing has gained huge attention from international sports enthusiasts, frequently appearing in many events celebrated annually for bikes of several displacements.

Among all types of dirt bikes, 110cc pit bikes are suggested as the most suitable category for newbies. So, how fast does a 110cc dirt bike go?

In general, the top speed of a 110cc dirt bike is at mph when the average speed ranges from 35 to 45 mph.

The Specs of 110cc Dirt Bike


Initially, it’s hard to take full control of a large-displacement bike. Hence, we highly recommend a 110cc dirt bike – an ideal option for people with little racing experience.

Let’s take a look at its specifications.

  • This type of dirt bike generates moderate power provided by a 110c horizontal cylinder engine and 2 valves adjust the air flow to accelerate the speed.
  • The automatic engine often consists of an efficient air-cooling system and a carburetor.
  • An indispensable part of a dirt bike is its suspension. Due to its average price, we cannot expect an advanced suspension that can handle all terrain. However, it is invented precisely to serve the main purpose: to give users a comfortable and stable ride.
  • This type of bike often weighs from 165 lbs – 180 lbs, with about 1-gallon fuel capacity.
  • There can be a 2-troke or 4-stroke engine 110cc dirt bike to choose from, with the former allowing higher average and top speed.

1. Speed of 110cc Dirt Bike


1. Average Speed Of 110cc Dirt Bike

Without individual customizations and the negative effects of other factors, a 110cc dirt bike’s speed can reach 35 mph to 45 mph on average, or 56 km/h to 72 km/h.

This low range may not interest speed enthusiasts; however, it is adequate for beginners who even make a great fuss with their balance on a dirt bike.

2. 110cc Dirt Bike Top Speed

Generally, the highest speed of a 110cc dirt bike is 50 mph (80 km/h), while the latest edition is asserted to reach up to 55 mph (88 km/h) – 60mph (96 km/h).

There are several requirements to heighten the dirt bike’s performance, including specialized tires for different terrains, optimal track conditions and suitable air radiators.

2. Pros And Cons


  • Good vehicle to increase muscle strength do heat-rate workout
  • Relatively easier and safer to maneuver for beginners
  • Affordable price: A 110cc dirt bike is more affordable compared to larger-displacement bikes. In fact, you can own a good-quality one from $1000 – $5000.
  • Low maintenance fee
  • Less powerful engines than ones of larger bikes
  • Limited space for other belongings

Factors That Affect 110cc Dirt Bike Speed


To maximize the 110cc speed, there are several factors you need to pay attention to, including the carrying capacity, personal customizations, and especially the skills of drivers.

  • Carrying capacity: not only does the additional weight decelerate the speed, but it also is an obstacle to the suspension due to the loss of the grip.
  • Personal customizations: To accelerate the 100cc dirt bike’s speed, owners will add some modifications, such as aftermarket exhaust pipes to diminish the pressure on the back engine.

Extra expenses, including fuel costs or maintenance fees, should be considered if owners have limited financial conditions.

  • Skills of drivers: Undeniably, dirt bike speed is determined mostly by how skillful the drivers are. Experienced drivers can take full control of their vehicles, unlike inexperienced ones.

Tips to Get a 110cc Dirt Bike to Maximum Speed


Initially, based on the characteristics of 2 types of engines, our suggestion to reach a 110cc dirt bike’s top speed is to choose a 110cc 2-stroke dirt bike.

Although a 2-stroke engine consumes more fuel than a 4-stroke one, it generates more power, thus optimizing the dirt bike’s performance.

In general, the maximum speed of 110cc in mph ranges from 35 mph to 45 mph, except for the case it is equipped with variables. In that case, the speed can reach its highest level of 60 mph or approximately 97 in km/h.

These are some recommended supplements for your 110cc dirt bike to maximize its speed:

  • A suitable air filter and radiator
  • Tires fit for the terrain
  • Optimal track circumstances

Besides, you should experience it as frequently as possible to discover the right setting to get the best out of your dirt bike. Last but not least, remember to check the suspension and utilize the appropriate oil with your engine.

Ways to Improve the Power of 110cc Dirt Bike


  • Prepare adequate knowledge about your bike

This is the utmost important step that all riders need to focus on. You should carefully research the specifications of your bike and how to preserve it.

You should strictly follow the maintenance schedule and take it to reliable workshops for dirt bikes. Frequent maintenance will help you keep your bike at its best.

  • Invest in premium air filters


Airflow plays an important role in intensifying the power of engines, especially with medium-sized motors like 110cc dirt bikes.

Dust piles up in the engine, then decelerates the bike’s speed. To avoid the damaging effects of harmful particles, you will need high-quality air filters.

  • Modify the compression ratio

A 4-stroke engine should be supplemented with a prominent dome-shaped piston, while a 2-stroke engine requires a milling top. Different types of engines require different adjustments in the compression ratio.

If you are not in comfortable circumstances, please consider that increasing compression necessitates more expensive fuel, leading to a higher cost than usual.

Some Best Brands of 110cc Dirt Bike


  • Coolster 110cc dirt bike: Equipped with innovative suspension and a completely automatic clutch, this bike will enhance your racing experience with a smooth ride.
  • Yamaha TTR 110cc: An ideal option for riders who are preparing for motocross competitions. Yamaha TTR 110 top speed can reach up to 40 mph.
  • Honda 100 dirt bike: if you are looking for a “fast and furious” dirt bike, this one’s for you. Its max speed is 56 mph.
  • 110cc Kawasaki dirt bike: one of the fastest dirt bikes ever, reaching 50 mph as its top speed.
  • 110cc Apollo dirt bike: This small-size bike has a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with a max speed at 45 mph.


How fast does a 110cc dirt bike go? In brief, the maximum speed of the 110cc dirt bike is up to 55 mph on the condition that it is equipped with supplements, for example, premium air filters. In normal conditions, its speed is from 35 mph – 45 mph.

Have fun riding your new dirt bike!

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