How Fast Does a 450cc Dirt Bike Go? (Top Speed)

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how fast does a 450cc dirt bike go

The adrenaline rush from riding a dirt bike is incredible. They can bring excitement and thrills by riding them, performing some tricks or stunts. One of the most significant features of a dirt bike is speed. But how fast does a 450cc dirt bike go?

When handled by an experienced rider, a 450cc dirt bike can burst as fast as 120 mph. However, the 450cc dirt bike top speed will be determined by several factors, including engine stroke, rider weight, tire size, and road conditions.

How Fast is a 450cc Dirt Bike?


The 450cc dirt bike engine comes with excellent performance and fast acceleration for experienced riders. Some top-notch 450 4 stroke dirt bikes have the capability of reaching a maximum speed of 100 to 120 mph, or 161 to 193 km/h.

Take the KTM 450cc dirt bike, for example, it is a winner in terms of top speed with a remarkable record of 123 mph. As a result, this model is considered one of the fastest dirt bikes.

Regarding the engine type, many prefer 450cc 4-stroke dirt bikes as 450cc 2 stroke top speed is not as impressive despite being more lightweight.

For your information, the 4-stroke engine has an average top speed of around 87 mph, meaning you can expect a fast speed of 140 km/h with any 4-stroke dirt bike.

What is the Top Speed of the Other Dirt Bikes Sizes?

The list of various engine sizes and their top speeds is provided below.


  • 125cc Dirt Bike – A 125cc dirt bike is suitable for beginners, and it can achieve a top speed of 80 mph with an average speed of 60 to 75 mph.
  • 250cc Dirt Bike – A 250cc dirt bike is a powerful bike made for experienced riders and can deliver greater speeds and power. It has an average speed of 80 to 110 mph and a maximum speed of 110 mph.
  • 500cc Dirt Bike – Different models and engine types of a 500cc dirt bike can travel as fast as 102 mph and an average speed of 60 mph.
  • 650cc Dirt Bike – In terms of high performance motorcycles, a 650cc dirt bike is fairly swift and powerful. It can go 158 mph at its top speed.
  • 700cc Dirt Bike – A 700cc dirt bike has the capability to reach a top speed of 137 mph.
  • 1,000cc Dirt Bike – A 1000cc dirt bike is designed primarily for professional riders because it requires a lot of skills. This engine size can reach a maximum speed of 200 mph.

What Are the Factors Affect to a 450cc Dirt Bike Speed?

The speed of a 450cc dirt bike is affected by several factors. You can reach your top speed easily if you take these things into consideration.

1. Engine Strokes


The dirt bike’s engine is the first component that is important to its performance and speed. A 450cc dirt bike has two different types of engine strokes:

  • 2-Stroke Engine

The basic workings of two-stroke engines are compression and combustion or power. Every complete rotation of the crankshaft causes them to ignite and fire. It generates more power in this manner.

Two-stroke engines are also typically lighter since they have fewer moving parts and are very simple, requiring less components to keep them running.

  • 4-Stroke Engine

The processes in four-stroke engines are more complex. It starts with intake, then moves on to compression and combustion or power, and finally exhaust.

They also have more intricate engines with valves and additional moving parts, which adds to the weight between your legs.

For 450cc dirt bikes, 4-stroke engine models allow a faster ride, many reaching over 100 mph.

2. Tires


The dirt bike’s feature that comes into contact with the ground are its tires. If you want them to roll smoothly, you must maintain enough pressure.

Although maintaining sufficient pressure is essential, it is not the most important factor. The tires on your 450cc dirt bike should be light. Lighter tires help in accelerating more rapidly.

3. Road Condition


A dirt bike’s speed is greatly affected by the situation of the road. Indeed, a dirt bike is made specifically for off-road conditions. However, when riding a dirt bike over sandy surfaces, your bike may become slowed down due to the road’s surface.

The dirt bike can ride at top speeds if the road is in a good state. But if the road is in bad shape, the speed of the dirt bike will be reduced.

4. Rider’s Weight


One of the most significant factors that might impact a dirt bike’s speed is the rider’s weight. Since heavier riders typically travel at slower speeds, the bike’s acceleration and overall performance may suffer.

Tips to Improve Top Speed


The list of ways to increase your dirt bike speed is provided below.

1. Upgrade Your Fuel

These fuels typically have higher octane levels than normal and really give superior performance, specifically in terms of acceleration and speed.

2. Change Gears

Dirt bikes must be set with gearing combinations capable of producing the desired overall performance in order to reach a base gear ratio.

In order to boost the speed, larger sprockets must be installed on the rear wheel or smaller sprockets on the front wheel.

3. Upgrade The Exhaust

The performance of your bike will be improved by upgrading the exhaust system. Your engine can breathe easier by switching to a performance exhaust system, which will increase power and speed.



What Is The Fastest Dirt Bike?

The fastest dirt bike in the world that is available on the market is the KTM 450 SX-F.It is a powerful dirt bike and can give you excellent speed.

With a single-cylinder engine producing 54.8 horsepower, the KTM 450 SX F top speed is 123 mph or approximately 198 km/h. This bike has amazing power, a light weight, and exceptional control, making it ideal for competition.

How much is a 450cc dirt bike?

A 450cc dirt bike price range is between $9,000 to $11,000. And a Honda dirt bike costs only $9,900.


How fast does a 450cc dirt bike go? Is such an intriguing question that we have grown accustomed to hearing it frequently. However, you must also consider various aspects that influence its speed, such as the engine stroke, tire size, road conditions, and rider weight.

We’ve also included information on the various engine sizes and top speeds. As well as ideas on how to increase the speed of your dirt bike so that you can utilize it more efficiently.

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