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How Fast Does a 60cc Dirt Bike Go

As you explore motocross sports, you have been acquainted with different types of dirt bikes and their engine sizes. This time, you want to get a 60cc dirt bike. Hence, one of your first questions would be, “how fast does a 60cc dirt bike go?”

It is said that the top speed of a 60cc dirt bike ranges from 25 to 40 mph. Its performance depends on a multitude of factors, which will be elaborated in the succeeding sections.

Maximum Mph of 60cc Dirt Bike


With average speed at around 25 mph, the 60cc dirt bike group is ideal for kids and dirt bike beginners alike. For competitive racing, those with top speeds beyond the average are ideal. Otherwise, 60cc dirt bikes will be used for casual races.

Indeed, some 60cc dirt bike can reach a potential top speed of 40 mph, and that depends on the bike brand, model, conditions, and more.

Engine size Top speed (in mph)
50 cc 25 – 35
60 cc 25-40
70 cc 30 – 50

Top Speed of Notable Models


If you ever get to pursue selecting a 60cc dirt bike, here is a tabulated reference guide for known bikes under this category and their respective top speeds.

Dirt bike model Top speed

(in mph)

Venom MX60 40
DB-60cc 23
Mototech Hooligan 60cc 25
SYX Moto Tearoff SZ 28
Apollo 60cc 23

The variation of top speeds attained by 60cc dirt bikes depends on different factors, such as the following:

  • Terrain surface


The smoother the surface of the terrain, it is expected that the dirt bike will pick up more speed and better acceleration is attained. The presence of bumps and uneven areas on roads has the opposite effect.

  • Weather conditions


Fine weather is conducive for dirt biking; hence, you are able to speed up more easily. Hence, try to avoid dirt biking activities when weather disturbances are around (ex., strong winds and heavy rains)

  • Applied Load

The load you place on your dirt bike affects its performance, and it is inversely proportional to the obtained top speed. This means more tendency of the dirt bike to slow down when more load is applied.

  • Speed limits

Depending on the terrain you are riding in, you might not be able to speed up to the dirt bike’s top speed because of speed limits. Always check and follow speed limit rules as required.


Dirt bikes under 60cc are considered to be beginner friendly and ideal for kids and adults alike. This can be your next purchase that will help you enhance your skills.

To answer the question, “How fast does a 60cc dirt bike go?”, the typical 25-45 mph range might be the average, but it will ultimately depend on your acquired skills, terrain, as well as dirt bike enhancements done.

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