How Fast Does a 70cc Dirt Bike Go? (Average Top Speed)

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how fast does a 70cc dirt bike go

Say you are in a motorcycle shop, and you see all these good-looking dirt bikes in front of you. Now a salesperson approaches you and recommends a 70cc dirt bike as their bestseller.

Indeed, when shopping for dirt bikes, speed is an important factor that directly impac the riding experience and safety. So, how fast does a 70cc dirt bike go?”.

The usual speed of a 70cc dirt bike is said to be at 35-45 in mph (miles per hour). When converted for an hour of a ride in km (kilometers), the ride spans around 56-72 kph. But then again, this depends on a number of factors to be detailed in the next sections.

Average Top Speed

On average, the 70cc dirt bike top speed ranges from 40-45 mph. This varies on different bike models. The Coolster 70cc dirt bike top speed may then be different from that of an Apollo DB25 bike.

In relation, tabulated below are different 70cc dirt bike models and their respective top speeds for reference:

Bike model Top speed
Coolster 70cc dirt bike 35 mph
Coleman Powersports 70DX 25 mph
Moto Monster MM-B80 23 mph
Apollo DB25 37 mph
RPS Xmotos 50 mph

Comparison With Other Engine Sizes

If compared to other dirt bike engine sizes, a 70cc dirt bike falls under the kid’s bike category. This means it can be used by kids trying to learn the ropes of driving motorcycles. The engine size can be a factor in the bike’s average speed.

This then leads us to another question: How fast is 70cc compared to its other engine counterparts under kid’s bikes? A tabulation below will compare engine sizes and their respective top speeds for the said category.

Dirt bike Top speed
Yamaha TTR (50cc) 30 mph
Honda CRF125F (125cc) 45 mph
KTM 50 SX (50cc) 45 mph
KTM 65 SX (65cc) 62 mph
Coolster QG50 (49cc) 30 mph
DR-X Holeshot (50cc) 25 mph
Apollo DB25 (70cc) 37 mph
RPS Xmotos (70cc) 50 mph
Kuberg 2016 Freerider (48 V) 34 mph
Kawasaki KX100(100cc) 65 mph
Hi Speed Alpha (100cc) 50 mph
Suzuki GSX-R150(150cc) ~99 mph (160 kph)
Yamaha MT 15 (150cc) 80 mph
Kawasaki Z125 Pro (125cc) 77 mph
Suzuki VanVan 200 (200cc) 70 mph
Yamaha V Star 250 (250cc) 85 mph
KTM 390 Duke (300cc) 104 mph
Razor SX500 McGrath (36 V) 15 mph

From the above table, larger engine sizes (measured in cc) are observed to have greater top speeds compared to the smaller ones. However, considering Honda 125cc, engine size isn’t the only indicator for a dirt bike’s speed.

Two-stroke and Four-stroke Engines

The 70cc dirt bike also has 2-stroke and 4 stroke engine variants. A 2 stroke dirt bike has a greater speed compared to a 4-stroke dirt bike due to its engine cycle mechanism.

However, fuel-efficiency wise, the latter is more efficient.

A 70cc mini bike and a 70cc moped motorcycle usually operate on a 4-stroke mechanism. This also holds true to a 70cc quad bike.

1. Factors that affect the speed

If you are looking to maximize the 70cc dirt bike speed while enhancing your current skill level, take note of the following factors on how it affects your dirt bike speed:


  • Weight: The heavier the weight of the rider and of the dirt bike itself, it is expected that the speed at which it operates decreases.
  • Skill level: For beginners, it is expected that they may navigate the bike slower at first than those already with experience. Once a rider can already gauge the proper handling of the dirt bike, increased control at higher speeds will be attained.
  • Terrain: If you get to ride on terrains with little to no obstacles, such as flat roads, you are likely able to go faster than those riding on rough and bumpy roads. These bumps provide resistance that could slow down a bike’s speed.
  • Weather conditions: Depending on the weather conditions on a specific day, this could increase or decrease your dirt bike speed. Rain and wind will make bike control more challenging, creating speed resistance.
  • Maintenance: As long as the bike is well-maintained, its overall performance won’t be compromised. However, parts can be modified to achieve a higher speed.

2. Tips to make my dirt bike faster

Now that you have an overview of how factors can affect a 70cc bike’s speed, you may have considered doing upgrades on your dirt bike to even improve its current speed performance. Here are some items to keep in mind:

1. Top speed modification and upgrades


If you want to maximize your bike’s performance, know which part to upgrade to improve the overall speed of your bike.

Upgrading the bike engine will significantly improve bike power and speed. Changing the carburetor and exhaust facilitates the improvement of engine performance. Upgrading tires and suspensions enhances stability and handling.

2. Limitations and potential risks


While bike upgrades are a way to improve bike speed, keep in mind that not all parts are allowed for upgrades.

Check with local authorities for existing regulations when upgrading a 70cc dirt bike. There might be areas that will impose restrictions on specific modifications, not limited to the following:

  • Aftermarket emissions
  • Handlebar modifications
  • LED lights for motorcycle chassis
  • Motorcycle mirror removal
  • Front brakes removal
  • Motorcycle reflector removal
  • Muffler removal
  • Changing of colors and aim of headlights

Practical tips, training, and techniques to maximize the speed

Say you are part of a biking competition, and you wanted to be the ace of the game. Listed are some practices you can follow:

  • Throttle up to improve speed. Also, practice how to work around with bike acceleration.
  • Get your body fit for the competition. Best exercises include cycling, yoga, planking, and strength training to improve endurance.
  • Time your riding practice. This helps you gauge how much you have improved throughout your training.
  • Walk through the track first and you’ll notice details that may affect your performance and riding method. Plan out how to navigate the track successfully.

3. Notable speed records achieved


If you are curious about whoever has broken a notable record on using a 70cc bike, a kid has achieved one.

Alfie Barraclough, a 9-year-old boy from Thornton, Bradford, has reached a 54 mph record over a 500m distance using his modified 70cc dirt bike at York’s Elvington Airfield. Although a newbie, he has already owned a bike since he was five.

Safety Considerations


As always, safety should be a priority even in riding 70cc dirt bikes. It is definitely important to invest in proper safety attire as a precaution to avoid grave injuries in case of accidents. The following shall be considered:

  • Boots: protection for feet injury and discomfort
  • Neck brace: protection against risk of paralysis and injury; improves stability and muscle support
  • Helmet: head protection from falling debris and accidents
  • Pads: provides cushioning from discomfort on navigating rough roads
  • Chest Protector: protection against spinal injuries and accidents that may affect vital organs (e.g. heart and lungs)

Proper training and guidance are also required when riding a dirt bike. Ensure following basic rules and riding only in designated areas suitable for a dirt bike. Avoid hanging your dirt bike on public roads, as this may incur legal and safety consequences.

Also, consider bringing an emergency kit. A first aid kit, a fully-charged phone with location sharing, and a list of contacts can come in handy in emergencies.

Choosing the Right 70cc Dirt Bike

Before selecting a 70cc dirt bike, it is important that you consider the following factors to determine which is best for your needs:

1. Height


Assess if the height of the chosen dirt bike will make the rider feel comfortable and safe. It is important to navigate rough terrains.

The bike may be too small if the rider is flat-footed while sitting. On the other hand, if the rider can barely stand and lose balance easily, the bike may be too big.

2. Weight


This factor affects bike suspension; hence it is important to assess a bike’s overall performance concerning the rider’s weight. It is recommended to choose a dirt bike around 70cc – 100cc if your kids are under 120 pounds.

3. Riding skills

The biking experience counts as a huge factor in riding speed performance. Choose an easy-to-handle dirt bike with low engine capacity if your kids just start learning to ride; a 40cc, 50cc, or 70cc bike should suffice.

Considering the aforementioned factors, you may check these top dirt bike models if they suit your needs.

Dirt bike model Features
Coolster 70cc dirt bike
  • Honda 70cc dirt bike technology, with reputation on high quality products
  • Tires are large and wide which contributes to better stability
  • Has kick start and foot brake for ease in starting and optimal braking
Coleman Powersports 70DX
  • Gas dirt bike with kickstand for teenagers
  • Tires suitable on different rough terrains
Moto Monster MM-B80
  • Large, comfortable seats
  • With exhaust heat shields, chain guide, and engine stop switches to ensure maximum rider safety
X-Pro 70 cc
  • Lightweight, at 88 pounds
  • Seat height suitable for tall children
DB70 dirt bike semi-automatic
  • Suitable for small children
  • High-quality disc brakes

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is a 70cc dirt bike for?

The 70cc dirt bike is categorized under kid’s bikes and generally can be used by children between 5 to 15 years old. It can also be used by adults who are beginner riders.

Is it safe for beginners to ride a 70cc dirt bike at top speed?

A 70cc dirt bike is safe for beginner riders as it has a lower top speed compared to its counterparts. Please ensure wearing of proper safety attire and proper guidance at bike handling to avoid accidents.


Talking about the speed of a dirt bike relies on many factors which also holds true to a 70cc dirt bike. These should be kept in mind every time you opt to choose a dirt bike to use.

So the next time you ask yourself, “How fast does a 70cc dirt bike go?”, take note that the declared speed range will still increase or decrease depending on your skills, the bike model, terrain conditions, as well as the modifications done.

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