How Fast Does a 80cc Dirt Bike Go? (Top Speeds)

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how fast does a 80cc dirt bike go

Riding a dirt bike is an experience, and your engine determines how fast or slow you can go. For your information, a 80cc dirt bike’s average speed is around 45 to 55 mph.

Now, if you want to know more about how fast does a 80cc dirt bike go, continue reading this article because we’ll discuss the factors that affect its speed and how you can go faster in this type of bike!

Speed of an 80cc Dirt Bike

Although an 80cc dirt bike can reach about 45 to 50 mph, its maximum speed is around 85 mph. See below to compare how fast different dirt bikes can go depending on their engine size.

Engine Size Average Speed
80cc 45-55 mph
100cc 50-80 mph
110cc 50-55 mph
150cc 50-60 mph
200cc 60 mph (approx.)
400cc 87 mph (approx.)
450cc 90 mph (approx.)

2 Stroke Vs 4 Stroke 80cc Dirt Bike


Aside from engine cc, the type of engine a dirt bike has will affect its speed and performance. In most cases, a 2 stroke 80cc dirt bike will go much faster than a 4 stroke 80cc motorcycle. The reason is that it’s more lightweight and has fewer moving parts.

In contrast, a 4 stroke engine is more complex but offers more torque and smoother power. Dirt bikes with this stroke type also last a little longer in general.

Top Speed of Popular 80cc Dirt Bike Models

Not all 80cc dirt bikes are created the same, so they have different speed limits or top speeds. For instance, an 80cc Yamaha dirt bike has a different maximum speed compared to other brands or models.

Check the table below for a comparison of the top speed of popular 80cc dirt bike models.

Model Top Speed
Honda CRF80F 55 mph
Yamaha YZ85 60-65 mph
Kawasaki KX80 75 mph
Suzuki RM 80 60 mph
Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike 23 mph

Factors Affecting the Speed of 80cc Dirt Bikes

The type of bike you have will affect how fast or slow you can go. For instance, an 80cc mini bike has a different performance than an adult-size 80cc dirt bike.

Moreover, if you’re wondering why your friend who rides an 80cc dirt bike rides faster than you, it’s due to certain factors. We listed some examples below:

1. Rider’s weight and height


A rider’s weight and height can influence the speed and performance of their dirt bike. For instance, having a heavier rider will impact acceleration because the bike will be heavier, thus requiring more power from the bike.

In addition, weight and height will affect your dirt bike control. For example, if the rider is too light or short, they may have difficulty controlling the dirt bike in difficult terrains. In contrast, heavier riders may have difficulty maneuvering the bike.

2. Tires


Your tires can affect the heaviness of your dirt bike; thus it will affect how fast your 80cc motorcycle can go. Compared to bulky tires, lightweight tires can make your bike go much faster. Having quality and proper tires will also affect its speed, so ensure you have the right tires for your bike

3. Brand

We all know that each brand creates different dirt bikes. Even if you have an 80cc dirt bike, a motorcycle of the same cc from a different brand will have a different top speed.

For instance, some brands produce lightweight dirt bikes compared to others, making them run much faster. Others also make better suspensions, such as if your 80cc dirt bike has a suspension system built for rough terrains, it will perform better than others.

What Determines the Speed of an 80cc Dirt Bike

1. Rider’s skills


Despite having the best engine and modifications to go faster, you cannot increase your speed if you don’t know how to control or handle your dirt bike. Thus, your skills will determine how fast or slow you can ride your bike because it affects how well you perform on the road, on tracks, and on trails.

In addition, an advanced rider will know how to control the brakes and gears better, allowing them to increase their speed efficiently and safely.

2. Environment


It’s hard to fight against nature, so even if you have the best bike and great skills, the speed of your 80cc dirt bike will be affected depending on environmental factors such as rain and terrain.

For instance, riding your dirt bike on a wet road with no traction will affect how fast the motorcycle can go.

Riding on rough terrains will also determine how fast you can go, as it’ll be harder to navigate compared to flat terrains.

Tips for Improving the Speed of an 80cc Dirt Bike

An 80cc top speed is around 85 mph. If you think you’re slow, don’t fret because here are some tips to make an 80cc bike faster.

  • Upgrade exhaust


If you want to go faster, consider upgrading the exhaust of your dirt bike. Having a better exhaust system, such as mufflers, header, and mid-pipe, will improve the airflow and power of your motorcycle.

  • Modify suspension


Modifying your bike’s suspension will help you ride more comfortably in terrains and improve the average speed of your 80cc dirt bike. The reason is that having the proper suspension for your weight will help you handle the dirt bike better, allowing you better control and a faster ride.

  • Quality fuel


The type of gas your bike has will affect its speed, as it helps with engine cleaning as well. For instance, using high-octane fuel will improve the speed and performance of your dirt bike. It’s also important that you use the appropriate type for your motorcycle for a more efficient ride.

  • Better clutch


Having a better or high-quality clutch will help your dirt bike run faster because it allows your motorcycle to transfer more power to your dirt bike’s wheels. It also allows the rider to have better control when changing gears.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who should ride an 80cc dirt bike?

Given the size of an 80cc dirt bike, it’s recommended for riders under 150 lbs. It’s also ideal for kids 7 to 10 years old due to the bike’s size and speed, which are perfect for beginners.

How much is an 80cc dirt bike?

The price usually depends on the brand and the model you’re looking for. In general, an 80cc trail dirt bike costs around $600 to 1,500. Meanwhile, a second hand 2-stroke 80cc motocross dirt bike is around $800 to $1,800.

Check below to see some examples of 80cc dirt bike prices:

Model Average Price (Used)
Yamaha PW80 $1299
Kawasaki KDX80 $619
Honda CR80 Starts at $800

What are the best 80cc models today?

Some of the best 80cc dirt bikes today are the following:

  • 2023 Kawasaki KX 85: With short seat height, this dirt bike is perfect for small riders. It also has a stronger transmission for smoother rides and is a bit more affordable compared to other newer models.
  • 2024 KTM 85 SX: Featuring a 2-stroke engine and an upgraded suspension, this dirt bike is best for young riders who are into motocross. It also has a 6-speed transmission and no-dirt footpegs, which help avoid slips.
  • 2023 Yamaha YZ85: This dirt bike has two wheel options and an adjustable handlebar for more customization. It also features an updated chassis, making this model more durable and rigid.


Overall, how fast does a 80cc dirt bike go? According to our research, its average speed ranges between 45 to 55 miles per hour. Nevertheless, it can go as fast as 85 miles per hour. It’s also important to note that its speed will depend on certain factors such as the modifications of the dirt bike, the rider’s skill, and environmental factors.

Now that you know how fast is 80cc, we hope that this article clears any of your confusion and helps with your decision to choose the right dirt bike for you!

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