How Fast Does a Motorized Bike Go? How to Make It Faster?

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how fast does a motorized bike go

The answer as to, how fast does a motorized bike go, will depend on certain factors. On average, a motorized bike with a 2-stroke engine can reach speeds of around 30 to 35 mph.

With further customizations using high-quality performance parts, a motorized bicycle’s top speed can reach up to 50 mph.

Top Speed of Motorized Bikes


The fastest motorized bike speed possible is 50 mph. However, this can only be achieved after several modifications designed to improve a motorized bike’s parts performance.

Some factors can affect the speed of a motorized bike (more on that shortly).

A 50cc motorized bike, for example, can reach a speed of under 30 mph under normal circumstances. Meanwhile, an 80cc motorized bike can go even faster but only for a shorter distance.

On the other hand, a 100cc bike can reach a speed of around 30 to 50 mph. This can be done via certain improvements, such as fitting a small rear sprocket, among others.

Factors Affecting Their Speed and Performance

How fast a motorized bike can go will depend on various factors. Probably the most common would be the size of its engine, with 50cc and 100cc bikes exhibiting varying speeds.

However, that’s not the only factor that affects the speed of a motorized bike. Let’s look at these factors in detail.

1. Engine Size


As mentioned, the size of the engine fitted on a motorized bike can affect its overall speed. A 50cc bike can have speeds under 30mph, while an 80cc version can reach a little bit higher. Meanwhile, a 100cc motorized bike could reach a top speed of 50 in mph or 80 in km per hour.

2. Your Weight


This isn’t really surprising as your weight can affect the performance and speed of a vehicle, regardless if it’s a bike or a motorcycle. This gets even more noticeable with a motorized bike.

Since a motorized bike is a tiny vehicle, it can only support up to a certain weight. The heavier you are, the more pressure your bike’s tires will have to go through.

3. Terrain


The road surface you’re riding on will also affect your motorized bicycle’s speed. Since bikes can take on different terrains unlike most vehicles, you also have to consider the effect of each terrain on its speed.

Not only will different types of terrain affect the speed of your bike, but it can also have an impact on its performance as well. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Snow – The reduced traction and extra resistance that a snowy terrain has will drastically reduce your bike’s speed.
  • Pavement – This is probably the easiest type of terrain as it doesn’t have a lot of resistance. It also lets you achieve a higher average speed than other terrain types.
  • Sand – The added resistance introduced by sandy terrain will also impact the speed of your bike.

4. Wind

The wind is another common factor that can affect the speed and velocity of your motorized bike. You can increase the assist level on your bike to increase your speed when riding against the wind.

However, it will drain your fuel much more quickly, thus affecting its overall performance.

How to Make a Motorized Bike Faster


To increase your bike’s speed, you want to start by opting for a bigger engine, such as 80cc or 100cc. After that, you then need to tune its carburetor, replace its rear sprocket with a smaller one, and fit a performance cylinder head.


Now that you know how fast does a motorized bike go, you still have to keep in mind that there are still certain precautions you have to keep in mind.

For one, you have to make sure to wear helmets at all times. And second, just because your motorized bike can go faster doesn’t mean you have to. After all, there are laws and regulations you need to follow in your local area regarding speed limits.

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