How Much Does an Electric Dirt Bike Cost in 2023

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how much does an electric dirt bike cost

Electric dirt bikes have been making waves in the motocross scene with their performance that can be on par with traditional dirt bikes. But with such innovation, how much does an electric dirt bike cost?

Typically, electric dirt bikes cost $6,000- $11,000. However, you might be considering several factors other than whether something’s affordable for your prospective purchase. Let’s explore these in the succeeding sections.

The Price Range of Electric Dirt Bikes

As you look for a budget electric dirt bike, you should know the prices of some popular brands for reference. Manufacturers such as KTM, Cake, and Kuberg have selections for electric dirt bike for adults.

1. KTM Freeride E-XC – $11,299


Priced at about $11,299 when brand new, this electric dirt bike from one of the leading brands is not short of amazing features, making it one of the sought-after electric dirt bikes in the market.

Features ● Lightweight frame design

● Digital speedometer

● State-of-the-art water-cooled control unit

● Aluminum handlebars with a lock-on grip that do not require adhesives to achieve a secure fit

● Freedom to remove the seat

● The external charger can connect to a 230V socket.

Specifications ● Battery: 18 kWh (lithium-ion)

● Power: 24.5 hp

● Frame Material: Cr-Mo with forged aluminum

● Engine: 12 hp or 9 kW

2. Stark Varg – $12,900


When it comes to technological breakthroughs in the electric dirt bike scene, Stark Varg takes the lead. This new electric dirt bike priced at $12,900 boasts of powerful performance and special features that could give its competitors a run for their money.

Features ● Near-silent motor

● Lightweight frame

● Built-in Android Stark phone to enable customization with around 100 ride modes

● Lasts up to six hours on trail rides

● Waterproof IP69-rated battery

Specifications ● Battery: 6.5 kWh

● Power: 80 hp

● Weight: 118 kg

● Frame Material: ultralight chromoly steel

3. Cake Kalk – $14,370


The Cake Kalk is a welcome addition to this series. What makes it special is that it has a road-legal design. This electric dirt bike price starts at $14,370, which is one of the pricier numbers in the market.

Features ● Versatile designs for street and off-road usage

● Lightweight

● With Cake Connect app for customizations of riding experience

Specifications ● Battery: 50 Ah or 2.6 kWh (lithium cells)

● Weight: 69 to 83 kg

● Frame Material: 6061 forged aluminum

● Engine: 10 or 11 kW

4. Kuberg Freerider – $6,621


In terms of catering to different age groups and skill levels, the Kuberg Freerider line is one of the best purchases to consider. This beginner-friendly electric dirt bike is both designed for kids and adults and is only priced at around $6,621.

Features ● Customizable fork and wheel options to cater to adults and kids

● Ultra-lightweight

● Affordable compared to other electric dirt bike counterparts

● Can be used in both rocky and flat terrains

Specifications ● Battery: 8, 12, or 14 kW (lithium-ion polymer)

● Power: 11 hp

● Weight: 40 or 44 kg

● Frame Material: Powder-coated steel

5. Sur-Ron Light Bee X – $4,400


If affordability and quality are what you’re looking for in your first electric dirt bike purchase, the Sur-Ron Light Bee takes this deal. With only $4,400, a beginner can enjoy rides on several terrains with this model.

Features ● Beginner-friendly

● Ability to climb up to over 45 degrees

● Affordable compared to other electric dirt bike models

● All-terrain riding

● Adjustable seat height

Specifications ● Battery: 6 kW (lithium)

● Power: 9.4 hp

● Weight: 70 kg

● Frame Material: aluminum alloy

Factors Affecting Electric Dirt Bike Cost

The cost of a dirt bike, especially electric ones, highly depends on the parts in its build.

For models in the pricier range, the integration of mobile apps, powerful batteries for longer-lasting rides, and regenerative braking are huge factors that define their costs. While the cheaper ones may have fewer of those advanced features, it doesn’t make them subpar in terms of quality. Reputable brands such as Sur-ron and Kuberg mentioned in the previous section can also provide quality electric bikes without spending much.

Finally, one factor that makes dirt bike purchases more affordable is the existence of tax credits and rebates. This applies to regions where governments encourage the use of electric vehicles.


Electric dirt bikes are one of the modern inventions that can lessen noise and greenhouse gas emissions while allowing people to enjoy the motocross scene. It is evident from leading brands that these vehicles are becoming advanced enough to rival their traditional counterparts.

Now that you know how much does an electric dirt bike cost, you already know what to do for your next purchase. You may opt for the cheapest model, or consider a premium model more suitable for your current needs.

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