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how much is dirt bike insurance

Whenever offroad and trail riding topics arise, you think about the motorcycle model, the speed, the performance, the adrenaline, and maybe not so much about insurance for a dirt bike.

Despite it being boring and seeming like a sore in the eyes, this offroad motorcycle insurance is as important as treating your girl right. When you take good care of your bike from the very start, you won’t stress yourself in the future.

The question now is, how much is dirt bike insurance?

The cheapest amount available is averaging $80 a year. But it can increase to $500 annually if you include additional protection according to your needs. This coverage can be against vandalism, natural disasters, and theft.

Depending on the Coverage Type


Let’s break down insurance coverage into two different types:

1. Minimum Liability Coverage

Minimum coverage scopes the damage and injuries you cause to the other person/s during an accident while riding the dirt bike. Note that this insurance does not cover your injuries and damages to yourself and your ride.

Several states require you to get at least this insurance on a street-legal dirt bike. For this coverage, the average price is $75 to $100 per year or about $8 per month for a year.

2. Full Coverage


This coverage is an all-in-one package that includes liability coverage, collision, and even comprehensive coverage.

Collision refers to the costs incurred by the damages to your motorcycle without considering who caused the accident. Comprehensive involves dirt bike theft insurance costs and other expenses that are from a non-accident, such as vandalism or disasters.

However, it still can be misleading because “full” does not mean it covers all insurance policies. Some insurances, such as medical coverage, are independent of the full one.

That being, the average cost of full coverage motorcycle insurance is more expensive than the minimum, so expect an annual price of at least $200 to $500, or about a $30 monthly fee.

Dirt Bike Insurance Coverage Monthly Price Annual Price
Minimum Liability Coverage $6.25 to $8.50 $75 to $100
Full Coverage $17 to $42 $200 to $500

Depending on the Types of Insurance

1. Auto/Property Insurance


Property insurance protects your dirt bike if something happens to it. If you or another driver uses the vehicle you own and causes damages, this insurance will reimburse you. Depending on the scope, it also involves incidents such as theft.

Note that the total cost of bike insurance varies widely depending on your previous records as a rider and the type of dirt bike you have. The more expensive the motorcycle is, the more expensive the property insurance will also be because the bike parts are more costly.

2. Health Insurance


Since using a dirt bike is involved in extreme sports, some states require that you have this insurance. This one covers expenses that take account of your well-being, such as bodily injuries or any sicknesses associated while riding the motorcycle.

There are types of health insurance that cover standard risk, but there are also types that cover extreme sports which are not involved in the regular risk one. So be sure to ask your insurance provider what the scope of your insurance is.

Of course, adding high risks to your health insurance will cost you more than the standard insurance.

Depending on Insurance Companies


Insurance company Monthly Payment Yearly payment
State Farm $19 $213
Progressive $77 $837
Allstate $25 $294
Liberty Mutual $69 $761
Geico $27 $266

Here are five companies that offer substantial deals for the typical cost of motorcycle insurance:

1. Progressive dirt bike insurance

Progressive is a go-to company for ensuring dirt bikes because they have discounts that help you afford great deals, especially if you have a clean track record in riding motorcycles.

Another good thing is they have comprehensive support for custom parts in your bike. From the get-go, the company’s standard policy is worth $3000 for custom dirt bike parts, and you can purchase more from there.

2. The State Farm dirt bike insurance


State Farm has a convenient service when asking for dirt bike insurance quotes because they offer online and over-the-phone services. They offer a better deal for full coverage compared to minimum liability coverage by other companies.

3. Geico dirt bike insurance

Geico is one of the companies offering great deals for minimum liability coverage, especially if you want to get dirt bike insurance in California. You can save more if you bundle it with their auto/motorcycle insurance.

They offer the cheapest dirt bike insurance, making them a great choice if you are on a budget and starting your trail riding journey.

4. Allstate dirt bike insurance


Allstate is one of the companies where you can get a good deal for full coverage, with inclusions for uninsured drivers coverage that other companies don’t offer.

The dirt bike insurance cost they give will be substantially cheaper if you have a safe riding history, as they offer discounts to qualified clients.

5. Liberty Mutual dirt bike insurance

Liberty Mutual has quotes for minimum liability coverage and full/collision and comprehensive coverage.

They have no specific details online regarding their policies, but you can contact them over the phone to ask more about their average monthly motorcycle insurance.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Dirt Bike Insurance


To check what factors affect the average bike insurance cost, you can contact insurance companies to ask for details about it, and here are the general things that they are going to ask about:

  • Coverage – As discussed earlier in this article, depending on how extensive you want the protection policies to be for you, the more hefty the price will be.
  • Deductibles – This is the initial price you pay before the insurance company pays any expenses, so the higher deductible, the lower the premium insurance.
  • Personal age and work – This is an influential factor in particular companies because, depending on your age and the nature of your work, they might deem you a higher risk, leading to higher insurance prices.
  • Location – Each state has its own rules and regulations. Some states require dirt bike insurance, and some don’t. Depending on those rules, some states issue more expensive insurance policies due to terrain, the legal age to ride, etc.

If you live in Canada, some laws vary also. You do not need insurance in Alberta if you’re on private roads. However, insurance in Ontario is required.

  • Driving and riding history – If you’ve had tickets and violations before, there is a chance that you get more expensive rates to get insurance due to safety risks.

Tips to Save Money on Dirt Bike Insurance


Here are some tips on how you can get insurance while not breaking the bank:

  • Canvas different insurance quotes – Insurance companies offer multiple quotes for insurance with distinct benefits and inclusions, so you should compare and check for the one that fits you best.
  • Motorcycle safety – If you have an approved certificate for motorcycle safety, it is one way to save money. So be sure to take this course if you haven’t, as it will also help you get the most out of dirt biking.
  • Clean driving and riding record – Try to be a good citizen and minimize the chances of accidents and violations. A clean record means you have better safety precautions, leading to low insurance rates.
  • Qualifying in discounts – If you want insurance in other areas, such as house property insurance, you can bundle it with dirt bike insurance because you can cut costs. Joining a riding club can also help you with discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Dirt Bike Insurance cheaper than Motorcycle Insurance?

Dirt bike insurance costs will almost always be cheaper than street bike insurance. The reason is that more liabilities are involved in a regular motorcycle than in a dirt bike, especially if you don’t engage in high-risk activities for dirt bikes.

Do you need insurance for Dirt Bikes?

Once you acquire a dirt bike and take a peek at the insurance rates, you may ask yourself: is dirt bike insurance worth it?

The short answer is yes. Whether you use your bike often or not, accidents can still happen. And some laws require you to get motorcycle insurance. A dirt bike is still a motorcycle, after all.

What does the insurance cover on a Dirt Bike?

For most states, the regulations require you to get liability coverage. This insurance refers to the costs of damages to other people involved.

But you can also get the full coverage type, which includes collision and comprehensive coverage. This policy covers damages or injuries to yourself and your motorcycle.

Cheap vs. Expensive Dirt Bike Insurance

Going beyond the minimum requirements for having insurance for dirt bikes, you can decide if you want a cheaper insurance type or more expensive insurance.

The significant difference is the coverage of your insurance. This decision is vital depending on your specific needs and the budget you are willing to allocate. The ideal balance is to get the cheapest policy that includes all your needs.


Ensuring your safety is a serious matter. If you plan to buy a dirt bike, and it so happens that one of your priority questions is, “how much is dirt bike insurance?” then you’re on the right track.

Thank you for prioritizing the safety of yourself and others. We hope this in-depth article regarding insurance helps you decide what is best and what you need most for you and your beloved motorcycle.

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