How Tall Do You Have to Be to Ride a Motorcycle?

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how tall do you have to be to ride a motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is exciting and fun, but it can be uncomfortable if your bike is too big or heavy for you. Make sure you are riding the ideal bike for you to get the most out of your motorcycling experience.

The fact is, how tall do you have to ride a motorcycle is not an issue. You will never be too short or too tall to ride a motorcycle because it doesn’t require a specific height.

You can ride a motorcycle as long as you can touch the ground with both feet and reach and rest them on the pegs, given the vehicle is not too heavy for you to handle.

How Tall Do You Have to Be to Ride a Motorcycle?


There is no minimum height to ride a bike. The sole prerequisite for a rider to ride on one is the ability to touch the ground. A rider’s height restrictions can be readily overcome with the right skills and techniques.

Motorcycle manufacturers are considering a range of rider height categories, specifically for both tall and short riders. You should consider motorcycle height, saddle height, and other factors if you purchase a motorcycle.

The Types of Bikes and Sizes


Regardless of whether you are a novice or experienced rider, you should create a list of the features you need in a motorcycle for short riders:

1. Standard

Standard motorcycles make excellent all-around bikes. They come in sizes between 250cc to 1,200cc and are recognized by their upright riding position and lack of fairings.

The 250cc is a good start for beginners, and this kind of bike is ideal for people from 5 ft 6 to 6 ft tall.

2. Cruiser


Due to their large average weight and typically 1,000 cc engine size, cruisers can be difficult for novice and small riders to control. These motorcycles also have an upright, relaxed riding position, a soft, comfy suspension, and a V-twin engine.

Furthermore, due to their design, they are ideal for short people. If you are from 5 ft 5, you can flat-foot most cruisers.

3. Touring

Touring bikes are designed for long travels and often come fully equipped with saddlebags for carrying luggage and fairings to increase the bike’s aerodynamics. It has an engine size of 500 cc to 2,000 cc.

Touring bikes are ideal for people from 5 ft 8 to 6 ft. However, we can always modify the bike a little to feel comfortable even when we are not in the range.

4. Sport


Performance and speed are the main design goals for sport bikes, its engine size ranges from 300 cc to 1,000 cc. Large fairings and a riding position that leans forward are common features of these motorcycles, which also have better aerodynamics.

They are comfortable to ride as long as you can put both feet flat on the ground.

5. Dual-Sport

It has high suspension travel to enhance stability, and lightweight are common characteristics of dual-sport bikes. It has an engine size of 100 cc to 1,000 cc and its lowest seat measures about 32.7 inches.

What Motorcycle Seat Height is Best for You?


Here is the table for the general bike size for your height

Motorcycle Rider’s Height Motorcycle Seat Height
6’0 (182 cm) and taller 40’’
5’10” (178 cm)  36’’ to 39’’
5’8’’ (172 cm)  33’’ to 35’’
 5’6’’ (167 cm)  30’’ to 32’’
 5’1 to 5’5 (155 cm to 165 cm)  28’’ to 30’’

Minimum height

As stated above, you can ride a bike as long as you are able to sit comfortably and firmly on the bike without losing balance.

However, it would be best if you are taller than 5ft1 because even those shortest motorcycles might only come with a 28-inch seat height.

Is There a Weight Limit for Bikes?


Yes, bikes have a weight limit. Most bikes have a weight cap of between 350 to 450 lbs.

To calculate the carrying capacity of the bike by deducting the weight of the bike from its (GVWR) gross vehicle weight rating. The resulting number indicates how much weight is permitted to carry on that make and model.

Tips to Choose a Bike That Fits You


One of the most important aspects of riding is maintaining balance, which is difficult to achieve if your feet can’t reach the foot pegs or the bike is too big.

1. Choose The Right Weight

The rider’s ability to balance and operate a motorcycle is greatly influenced by weight. There will be instances when you have to push or pull the motorcycle to make it turn, and turning on a too-heavy motorcycle might be dangerous.

2. Check The Seat Height


Since there is no minimum height to ride a superbike, you only have to examine the seat’s height to see whether your feet can rest on the bike’s foot pegs or the ground. Also, check the seat’s padding to ensure you won’t sustain any long-term injuries.

Using the seat height calculator motorcycle method is one way to find the bike that fits you.

To find the ideal seat height, stand firm on your bare feet with your back flat against the wall, put a book between your legs, and snug it against your crotch.

Then, get the measurement of your inseam and multiply it by 0.883. Then deduct an eighth of an inch from the result.

3. Saddle height

You should also pay attention to the saddle height when purchasing a standard bike. Refer to this table when purchasing motorcycles for short guys and girls:

Rider height Saddle height
< 5 ft 6 <= 790 mm
5 ft7 – 5 ft 9 <=800 mm
5 ft 10 and taller 810 mm – 820 mm

Tips to Adjust a Bike for Perfect Fit

If your bike doesn’t quite fit you, you have to make some adjustments. The following tips will help you make it fit.

1. Adjust Your Suspension


Some of the highest seat heights are seen on dirt bikes, and dual-sport bikes, which have more suspension travel.

In order to lower or raise a motorcycle so that it is more comfortable for you to ride on the street, you may need to replace the suspension or add a customized suspension system.

2. Replace Your Motorcycle Seat


A motorcycle’s seat can be easily changed to improve fit. The height, reach, and distance from the controls of an aftermarket seat that is different in shape and padding can be dramatically altered.

List of Best Bikes for Short and Tall Riders?

Which bike is suitable for me? Short and tall riders can choose from a wide variety of bikes, but it’s crucial to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Some low-seat height motorcycles are ideal for them. They also feature a low center of gravity, which aids in handling and stability.

Here is the list of motorcycles for short people

1. Honda Rebel 250 – These bikes are appropriate for short riders because they are lightweight and have smaller displacements.


The Honda Rebel weighs 329 lbs. and has a seat height of 27.2 inches. Most riders who are shorter than average in height, such as for 5’1, 5′ 2, 5’3, and for 5′ 4, can reach it.

2. Triumph Bonneville Bobber – The Triumph Bonneville Bobber is among the most attractive and stylish motorcycles. Its seat height is 27.4 inches, and these are the ideal motorcycle seat height for 5 ‘2” and 5 ‘0” tall.


3. Kawasaki Versys X-300 – These Kawasaki Versys X-300 bikes for short guys. For riders who are at least 5’8″ in height, the Versys X-300’s seat height of 32.3 inches will be suitable.


4. Kawasaki Ninja 300 – This is a great bike for beginners because it is lightweight and simple to control. These Kawasaki Ninja 300 are a great option for short women due to a seat height of 30.9 inches.


5. Indian Scout Sixty – The Scout Sixty motorcycle weighs about 543 lbs and has a seat height of 25.6seat height calculator motorcycle in, this is one of the.


This motorcycle is for 4 ’11 “women or taller, and they won’t have any trouble putting their feet on the ground when riding this motorcycle due to their small height.

6. Honda MSX125 Grom – This Honda MSX125 Grom bike is lightweight and has a low seat height. These 125cc motorbikes for short women are an excellent choice, as they weigh approximately 225 pounds and have a seat height of 30 inches.


Given below is a list of standard motorcycles for tall riders that they should consider:

7. KTM390 Duke – These motorcycles for tall beginners have a wide seat and space. This bike is ideal for long drives because of how comfortably your legs rest on either side of the seat and how you ride.


8. BMW F850GS – For tall riders, the BMW F750GS is an excellent choice. The seat height of the BMW F750GS is 32.1″. This motorcycle size for height 5’6”.



How tall do you have to be to ride a motorcycle is not an issue as long as you can touch your feet on the ground. Additionally, suppose you know how to handle a motorcycle properly and choose the perfect one for you. In that case, your height won’t ever be a problem.

We’ve included the general seat height that will work for you if you purchase a motorcycle.

Hopefully, all this information will help you find the right motorcycle for you.

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