How to Install Dirt Bike Grips? – 4 Steps to Do

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How to Install Dirt Bike Grips

Grips are essential components of your dirt bike. They provide comfort and control while riding, protecting your hands from unwanted injuries. If your dirt bike grips are worn out or damaged, it is important to replace them as soon as possible.

Now, as a beginner, you might get to encounter this problem for the first time. Worry no more because in the following sections, you will understand how to install dirt bike grips.

Step-by-step to Install Dirt Bike Grips

What to prepare


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the dirt bike grip install, be sure to have the following materials on hand:

  • Cutter or utility knife
  • New pair of dirt bike grips
  • Dirt bike grip glue or adhesive
  • Safety wire
  • Pliers
  • Handlebar cleaner (e.g. acetone)
  • Optional: Compressed air, zip ties, grip donuts

Step 1. Remove the old grips


When you change dirt bike grips, be sure to have the old grips completely removed from the handlebar. If there are weights being placed on the grips, try to loosen them up first before removing the grips.

Use a cutter or a knife to cut the old grips carefully and lightly. To prevent damaging the throttle tube while doing the action, remove the grip in a peeling motion.

Another way of removing the old grips is by applying an adhesive remover or some strong alcohol in between the handlebar and the grips.

Afterwards, gently twist the grips and pull them out completely from the handlebar.

Step 2. Clean the handlebars


As you put grips on a dirt bike, make sure that the handlebar is already free from foreign bodies sticking to its surface. Hence, cleaning is required and in doing so, apply a contact cleaner or even acetone to remove excess glue. Wipe off using a clean cloth and allow the surface to completely dry.

Another alternative to use as a handlebar cleaner is rubbing alcohol. This does not only clean the handlebar but it also disinfects its surface.

Step 3. Install the new grips


There are varied ways when it comes to the installation part. If you use a grip glue for dirt bike upon the said step, apply the glue on the insides of the grip and on the outside edge of the handlebars.

It is also suggested to cover the outer hole of the throttle tube when applying glue to prevent it from entering the interior and disrupting its function.

When working around installation of dirt bike grips, you may also use compressed air or zip ties to make installation easier. After applying glue, compressed air will be blasted to the end of the grip to expand and facilitate easy sliding into the handlebar.

Meanwhile when using zip ties, place four of them inside the new grip to facilitate pushing into the handlebar. Once done, the inserted zip ties will be removed and you will hold the grip in place for a couple of seconds to let the glue stick to the handlebar.

Now, in case you will opt for a dirt bike grip glue alternative for dirt bike grip installation, the following can be used with pros and cons to note for each:

1. Zip ties

  • Read for use right away (no drying needed)
  • An affordable alternative
  • No solvents required
  • Material can get stuck or break inside the grips
  • Requires grease to facilitate sliding of grips

2. Hairspray

  • Usable as a lubricant to slide the grips
  • Cheap alternative
  • Ready for use after 10 minutes
  • Sticky; can get to other tools or equipment if not handled properly

3. Lock on grips

  • Quick and neat application
  • Robust construction
  • Nice appearance
  • Easy to adjust when necessary
  • Rather costly
  • Not suitable for all dirt bikes

Step 4. Secure the new grips


Finally, to ensure that the dirt bike grips will not easily slip out, use safety wires. With the aid of pliers, wrap it twice around the ends of the grips. Twist the excess part of the wires and tuck it under to lock it up.

To further give context on how to execute the steps correctly, here is a video on how to install the bike grips for reference:

How-To: Install Grips

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all dirt bike grips of the same size?

No, the grips depend on your hand size and even on the shape of your hands. Such considerations are available with varying options in the market.

What are the signs to look out for when replacing your dirt bike grips?

The indicators for observable wearing, sagging and bending of grips should be noted in order for you to discern that it is time to replace your dirt bike grips.


Properly installing dirt bike grips may be a challenging task for beginners, but it is not an impossible one to achieve. This is just one of the maintenance activities that you get to encounter as you get immersed with motocross sports.

Given the above guide, now you will have a concrete idea on how to install dirt bike grips. Depending on your preference, with/without glue, hope this will give you enough confidence to try it out once you encounter the inevitable dirt bike grip wearing.

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