How to Make a Dirt Bike Faster? – 7 Effective Ways

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how to make a dirt bike faster

After purchasing your ideal dirt bike, one of the most exciting things you can do is alter it. You can simply modify your bike if you appreciate speed and a rush of adrenaline through your body.

Some types of upgrades are worth considering if you want to increase the power of your bike, which will surely improve your track performance.

Learn here how to make a dirt bike faster, which is rather easy as long as you know which components of the bike you need to modify.

Ways to Make a Dirt Bike Faster

To make a bike go faster, you need not only the rider’s skills but also a few dirt bike modifications.

1. Choose A Better Fuel


Choose high-octane fuel if you want the greatest performance out of your dirt bike. High-octane fuel will make your bike run better and protect your engine at the same time.

However, this fuel type is more expensive, about 50 cents higher for each gallon of fuel than the regular type. It’s well worth the expense to make the riding experience incredible.

2. Change The Sprockets


This is not a cheap dirt bike mods to increase your bike’s top speed, but it’s among the effective methods, which is replacing the sprockets with smaller ones on the front and larger ones on the rear.

By replacing it with sprockets, you can modify the gear ratio; this adjustment will make the bike go faster than its designated speed by the manufacturer.

You can have service to get this process done, which, depending on the bike type and size, will cost you about $50 to over $250 for one set of the sprocket.

3. Upgrade Air Intake System


Upgrading your bike’s air intake system is one approach to make 2 stroke performance mods. It will cost about $35 to over $200 for good-quality products.

Investing in a premium air filter and airbox is one of the simplest methods to increase motorcycle horsepower since they enable more air to flow into the engine, which increases power and speed.

4. Upgrade Your Bike’s Exhaust System


If you have upgraded your air intake system, you should upgrade your exhaust system as well. This will also make a 4-stroke dirt bike faster, but it will certainly cost you quite an investment, from $400 – over $1000 for high-end pieces.

Improving your exhaust system will make a 125 4 stroke faster and perform better. A better-flowing exhaust system can increase airflow, which leads to more power, speed, and sound.

5. Install A New Jet Kit


To make a carbureted motorcycle faster, think about adding a jet kit to increase speed. A new jet kit for the carburetor is a good choice if you want to achieve the most powerful bike possible. Since jet kits help optimize the air and fuel ratio.

This solution not only enhances performance but also enables you to save money on fuel while lowering emissions from your bike.

For this affordable adjustment, you might only have to pay below $10 to purchase the new kit.

6. Consider Reed Valves


One good way to make a 2-stroke dirt bike faster is by considering using reed valves. Reed valves are often used in high-performance two-stroke engines, where they regulate the amount of fuel and air that can enter the cylinder.

By upgrading to a reed valve system, you will make a 125cc dirt bike faster by giving it more power and better throttle response.

7. Upgrade Your Suspension


Your suspension is an additional pit bike upgrades. A new suspension setup make 110cc engine faster, and gives you more control over the motorcycle.

You must upgrade to lighter components to make the suspension perform as well as it possibly can and personalize it to the weight of your body because a good suspension can withstand any shocks that are thrown its way while you’re riding without faltering.

However, expect to pay $500 to even $1000 for upgrading high-power bikes.

The Fastest Dirt Bike Speed

For the purpose of off-road racing and entertainment, dirt bikes are naturally designed to produce high power and reach extreme speeds in miles per hour. There are numerous models and brands with a range of top dirt bikes speed.

The fastest dirt bikes for each brand are listed in the table below.

Dirt Bike Model/Brand Engine Speed
Yamaha WR (250cc) 88 mph
MuZ Baghira (660cc) 102 mph
BMW G650 XChallenge (652cc) 104 mph
ATK Intimidator 700 (685cc) 110 mph
Honda XR (650cc) 110 mph
Beta 450 RS (450cc) 111 mph
Husqvarna TX (300cc) 112 mph
Aprilia RXV 5.5 (550 cc) 113 mph
Suzuki DR-Z (400cc) 114 mph
KTM 450 SX-F (450cc) 123 mph



What Is A Good Speed For A Dirt Bike?

The average speed of a good-condition dirt bike ranges from 50 to 60 miles per hour.

The average speed of various cc engines, ranging in size from 50cc, 70cc to 450 cc, is listed in the table below.

Engine Size (cc) Average Top Speed
50cc 15-45 mph
70cc 35-50 mph
80cc 40-50 mph
100cc 45-65 mph
110cc 35-60 mph
125cc 50-70 mph
150cc 40-60 mph
250cc 70-85 mph
450cc 87-90 mph

What Is The World’s Fastest Dirt Bike?

Currently, the fastest dirt bike in the world and available on the market is the KTM 450 SX-F. This dirt bike weighs only 237 pounds, has a 450 cc engine, and can reach remarkable speeds of 123 mph.

What Are Some Chinese Dirt Bike Brands?

Chinese dirt bike is budget-friendly, which is good for beginners, and those who only use them occasionally for trail riding.

Apollo is one of the Chinese dirt bike brands. The DB-36 has a top speed of 70 mph and is one of the fastest Apollo dirt bike. The Apollo DB-36 has an engine size of 250cc, which is the largest engine size in its brand.

Given their lightweight design, a Razor dirt bike is among the most well-liked electric dirt bikes. The MX650 is the Razor brand’s fastest electric dirt bike currently on the market. It can reach a top speed of 20 mph.


Your riding experience and on-road performance can both be enhanced by learning how to make a dirt bike faster. There aren’t many techniques or tricks for free to make your bike go quicker.

You simply need to upgrade your fuel, replace your sprockets, upgrade your air intake and exhaust systems, install a new jet kit and reed valves, and modify your bike’s suspension to be ready to race down the track.

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