How to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Florida? – 5 Things to Do

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how to make a dirt bike street legal in florida

Riding a 125cc dirt bike is fun on various types of terrain, but it’s also fun to ride on the roads. However, you most likely won’t be able to depending on which area you’re from.

In Florida, dirt bikes are not street-legal by default. If you want to ride a dirtbike on the road in Florida, you have to comply with the rules and regulations in the state.

You’ll also need an active driver’s license as well as insurance coverage. Not only that, but there are certain modifications you should follow as well.

Let’s look at all of these in detail.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Dirt Bike Street Legal in Florida

The rules requiring dirt bikes to be street legal in Florida are pretty much the same in most of the states in the US.

However, the state has its own rules and regulations with regard to how dirt bikes can be legally driven on public roads and highways.

If that’s what you’re aiming for, then follow these steps:

1. Make Sure Your Dirt Bike Has All of the Safety Components Installed

First and foremost, to make your dirt bike street legal in Florida, you have to make it look the part.

This means it has to undergo the required modifications that the state has imposed.

For the most part, it revolves around making sure that your dirt bike has all of the safety components that you can find in a motorcycle.

While that might sound simple, gathering all of the necessary components and assembling them into your bike can be a bit overwhelming.

That said, before you register a dirt bike in Florida, it should have the following components installed:


  • Working headlight, brake light, and tail lights
  • Reflectors
  • Mirrors
  • DOT-approved exhaust and tires
  • Working turn signals
  • License plate

You should also pay attention to the sound that your dirt bike makes.

After all, Florida requires motorcycles, dirt bikes included, to produce only 78dB at 35mph or less and 82dB for speeds above that.

2. Obtain a Motorcycle License


While you’re assembling all of the necessary modifications for your dirt bike, you should also obtain a license for your bike.

As with some of the states in the US, you have to complete the registration process so you can obtain a license for your bike.

This is especially true if you just moved into the state.

Even if your existing plate from your previous states is still valid, you will still need to register your bike in Florida and obtain its license plate.

Luckily, the process isn’t that complicated. You just have to visit the local driver’s licensing office and provide proof of your driver’s license from another state as well as your residence in Florida.

You then have to surrender your old license so they will give you a new one.

3. Verify Your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)


After obtaining your license and complying with Florida’s motorcycle requirements, the next step is to have your VIN verified.

You will have to complete Form HSMV 82042 for this purpose. Then, visit the County Tax Collector’s office for verification.

Alternatively, you can start the verification before your dirt bike registration via the following:

  • Florida Notary Public
  • Automobile dealers
  • Florida DMV inspectors

You’ll have to pay for a handful of fees. There’s the registration fee which costs $225, license plate for $28, and title for $85.

Do keep in mind that taxes and surcharges vary from one county to another, so expect some differences in fees.

4. Visit Florida’s Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles


Lastly, you want to visit the Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles in Florida. This is where you’re going to register your dirt bike.

Keep in mind that you can proceed with your dirt bike registration in Florida based on the area where you bought it from. You should also secure the following documents:

  • Bill of sale
  • Proof of insurance
  • A copy of the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin
  • Form HSMV 82042
  • Receipts for all of the fees you paid for
  • Application for Certificate of Title form

If your bike’s Certificate of Origin didn’t specify that it’s off-road only, you can just have your dealer submit your documents for you.

On the other hand, if you bought the bike from a private seller, you will be the one responsible for registering it. In this case, you have to:

  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Sign the title alongside its seller
  • Pay any fees involved
  • Secure your proof of ownership

Once you’re able to prepare all of the documents above, you should now be able to make your dirt bike street legal.

This means that you can no longer just ride a dirt bike off-road, but you can take it to public roads and highways as well!

5. Wait for the Approval

The final step that you have to do is to simply wait. Don’t go riding your dirt bike on the roads in Florida immediately after submitting your application.

You still have to wait for the DHSMV to check if you have made all of the necessary modifications and have compiled all of the required documents.

The process will usually take a few weeks to complete, so until then, keep your dirt bikes off public roads and highways.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need a license to drive a dirt bike in Florida?

Luckily, you don’t need a license or even liability insurance just to drive a dirt bike in Florida. However, this only applies if you just ride it off-road.

Should you decide to ride it on public roads and highways, then you’ll have to comply with the requirements above.

If anything, Florida only requires riders to be of legal age or parental supervision if they are minors.

Should I get insurance for my dirt bike while in Florida?

Florida doesn’t actually require dirt bike riders to get insurance coverage for their rides. However, this is only if you don’t plan to ride on public roads and just stay off-road.

Besides, even if you’re not legally required to get one, we still highly recommend getting your bike insured.

Can I register my dirt bike even if it has no title?

It’s possible, though there are several steps that you have to follow.

First of all, you should get a bill of sale as well as proof of ownership and other necessary documents from its seller. Next, inspect its VIN and confirm that the bike is not stolen.

After that, you can then proceed with the same steps mentioned above.


Now that you know how to make a dirt bike street legal in Florida, it’s time to prepare all of the required documents to start the registration.

Don’t forget to check if your dirt bike has all of the necessary safety components as well.

Keep in mind that this can be a lengthy process, especially the part where you have to modify certain parts of your bike.

But once you’re approved, you should then be able to ride your dirt bike anytime and anywhere you like throughout Florida.

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