How to Put a Dirt Bike on a Stand? – 3 Easy & Simple Ways

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how to put a dirt bike on a stand

It is essential to inspect the different parts of your dirt bike regularly and to do so you will need a stand.

Putting a dirt bike on a stand allows you to get a good view of all the components. Also, you can easily repair or replace any damaged part if the need arises.

A dirt bike stand is just like a car jack that makes your maintenance and repair process easier. So, it is crucial to know how to put a dirt bike on a stand.

Methods for Putting a Dirt Bike on a Stand

You can employ the following methods to get a dirt bike on a stand. However, the technique you should use greatly depends on the type of stand you own.

#1. Lift stand method


It is always best to utilize a lift stand since it can be easily used without the help of a professional.

This method is recommended for riders who may find getting their dirt bike on a box stand difficult.

Here are the step-by-step guides to follow:

Step 1: Pull up the dirt bike

To put your dirt bike on a lift stand, the first thing to do is raise your dirt bike up. Make sure to gain balance before doing this.

Step 2: Place the stand under the bike and lift

After pulling up your dirt bike, the next thing to do is place the stand under the bike. Try lifting the bike with the help of the foot lever.

Always check to be sure the lever is totally down. Also, it is recommended to carry out this task on a level surface.

#2. Side panel lift method


This method is commonly used to put a dirt bike on a stand. The side panel lift technique is one of the oldest and most professional riders are familiar with the style.

If you want to employ this approach, you will be needing a stationary and sturdy stand. It is okay to use a homemade dirt bike stand, as long as it is well-built.

The following are the step-by-step guides:

Step 1: Lean the dirt bike to one side

For the side panel lift technique, it is required to lean your dirt bike to one side first. Be careful so you don’t lose your balance.

Step 2: Get the dirt bike on the stand

To do this successfully, use your hip and arm to move the dirt bike on the stand. This step takes about two seconds if you are able to get the movement down. Do this the same way you would if you want to lift a motorcycle onto a stand.

#3. Rear tire lift method


This method also requires a stationary stand just like the side panel lift technique. The only difference here is how the dirt bike is placed on the stand.

The Honda dirt bike stand is well-suited for the rear tire lift method. Also, this technique is not very common but it is easy.

Here are the step-by-step guides to follow:

Step 1: Hold the rear tire firmly and lift

First, hold the rear tire firmly. Make sure to do so with your dominant hand. Next, check for the rear fender and hold it with your second hand. Then slowly lift up the dirt bike.

Step 2: Carefully shift the bike over the stand

After lifting the bike, try shifting it over the stand. If you are sure the bike is well positioned on the stand you can let go.

You may not be able to keep the front wheel in place while lifting but that shouldn’t be a big problem.

Additionally, if you are using a diy dirt bike stand make sure it is strong enough to do the job. This is because some prefer to build a dirt bike stand with wood, but fail to check its stability.

The above is all you need to know about putting a dirt bike on a stand. However, you can also watch this video for a better understanding.



Why do you put dirt bikes on a stand?

There are so many reasons for putting a dirt bike on a stand. The device is useful when cleaning your wheels as it elevates them from the ground, making the work easier.

The stand is also helpful when changing the oil on your dirt bike. However, you may need to use the stand differently.

All you need to do is to move the dirt bike backward rather than place the chassis on the stand.

As a result, the stand will be positioned in the middle of the chassis and front wheel. All these are also reasons why you put motorcycle on a stand.

Different types of dirt bike stand

The following are the different types of dirt bike stand:

  • Fixed stand


This type of stand has a standard height that ensures better suspension. The major use of this stand is to maintain the balance of the dirt bike’s wheels and chassis when elevated.

  • Lift stand


The height of this type of stand can be easily adjusted. You don’t need a lot of strength to put your dirt bike on the lift stand.

It is recommended to use a dirt bike lift stand with wheels. The motocross paddock stand has wheels but is not a lift stand.

The Tusk scissor lift dirt bike stand with wheels is one of the best. It is a rolling dirt bike stand and is easier to use.

  • Triangle stand


A triangle stand for dirt bike is usually made of metal and is similar to a portable kickstand. When positioned into the rear wheel’s axle, this dirt bike side stand at an angle just like a kickstand.

  • Axle stand


This stand is meant to lift the dirt bike off any surface by the axle. It is best to use the axle stand if you want to inspect the bike’s rear-wheel or replace the tires.

Axle stand is available in various sizes and shapes. The good thing about this stand is that it can be adjusted to suit your dirt bike.

Should you leave your dirt bike on a stand?

Yes, it is okay to leave your dirt bike on a stand. Since it is advisable to store a dirt bike in an upright position, using a stand is always a good idea.

With this, your tires will be relieved of excess pressure.

How do I care for my dirt bike stand?

It is recommended to take good care of your dirt bike stand so it can last longer. All you need to do is to inspect the stand often to ensure it is in good condition.

If you notice any faulty part, fix it as soon as possible. Additionally, make sure to clean, dry, and store the stand properly.


There are different methods to employ to put a dirt bike on a stand. You can choose any of the three methods and follow its steps.

If you do this carefully, you are sure to have your dirt bike comfortably positioned on the stand. Knowing how to put a dirt bike on a stand is a big plus for riders. Remember, always maintain your dirt bike stand to serve its purpose.

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