How to Start a Dirt Bike Without Kick Start? – 3 Methods

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How to Start a Dirt Bike Without Kick Start

Generally, dirt bikes would rely on the use of a kick start. However, the more recent ones in the market don’t actually come with this component because they are already implemented with a self-start technology.

Learning how to start a dirt bike without kick start is pretty straightforward, even for beginners. In this article, we will go through some basic methods that should work with most bike models.

Ways to Start a Dirt Bike Without Kick Start

The methods below will work regardless if you have a 2-stroke dirt bike or a 4-stroke dirt bike.

1. Use the Electric Starter


These days, most modern dirt bikes come with an electric start, eliminating the need for a manual kick starter. This component allows you to ignite the bike with a push of a button:

  • Simply locate the ignition switch, which is normally located at the left of the handlebar.
  • Press and hold the switch for a few seconds to ignite the bike.

2. Use the Hill Bump Start Strategy


If your dirt bike doesn’t start properly even after using its electric starter, then you’ll have to rely on the hill bump start strategy.

  • To bump start a dirt bike, you want to position it on top of a hill. The reason is that you’ll be using gravity itself to move the bike downhill, all while using the motion to start the engine.
  • Once you’re ready, turn on the key and make sure the choke is up. Then, hop on your dirt bike, pull and hold the clutch lever to engage the drivetrain, then shift to second gear.
  • Start pushing your dirt bike to gain momentum.
  • As soon as it’s picking up speed (at least 5mph), push yourself up and immediately drop back down onto the bike. Slowly let go of the clutch.
  • By now, the bike should start, you should hold the clutch lever again and rev the engine.
  • Once the bike starts, you can switch to the appropriate gear for the terrain and speed.

3. Use the Push Bump Start Strategy


An alternative to the hill bump start strategy is the push bump start approach. It’s basically the same thing, except that you’re not doing it on a sloppy downhill.

If you can’t find a downhill slope, you can just do it on a flat area instead, as long as there’s enough space for you to gain momentum.

  • To start, position your dirt bike in an area where the wheels of your bike can gain enough traction.
  • Turn on the gas and ignition system. Again, check to see if the choke is up.
  • This time, however, instead of sitting on your bike, stand on the left side and then pull and hold the clutch before changing to second gear.
  • You then want to start pushing, and once your bike has gained enough speed, you then want to hop onto the bike while releasing the clutch lever and engaging the rev.

Do keep in mind that this one requires a higher skill level and will need more physical exertion than the previous method.


You can use any of these methods to push start a dirt bike that has no kick starter. It can also work for a dirt bike that has been sitting in a corner for a while.

When attempting any of the bump start strategies, always make sure to shift to second gear. It’s because the first gear tends to create too much friction, which will only make it more difficult to handle your bike.

Hopefully, these methods on how to start a dirt bike without kick start can give you much-needed help when your dirt bike is stuck in the middle of a trail or if its electric starter is no longer working.

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