What to Wear to Sturgis Bike Rally? – Outfit Ideas in 2023

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what to wear to sturgis bike rally

Free, literally and figuratively, Sturgis Bike Rally sounds like all you need to do is jump on your bike and head on. But hold your steel horses, sure you want clothing that suits exciting curve roads, events, and dust.

So as you prepare yourself for this “wild and free” journey, it’s best to check the outfits that complement the rides and experience you look forward to.

After all, it’s about camaraderie and fun, and deciding what to wear to Sturgis Bike Rally matters for your utmost comfort and confidence.

Sturgis Bike Rally Outfit Ideas


The grandest of its kind, Sturgis Bike Rally is a crowd puller of more than half a million motorcycle enthusiasts and even non-bikers every year in Sturgis, South Dakota.

And just like any most anticipated gathering, fashion finds a place in the Black Hills.

So check out these bike rally outfits for men and women that can fashionably stand Sturgis hype.

1. The Bike Week Outfits

The tight-curves surrounded by scenic views of The Black Hills National Forest and engine roars are enthusiasts’ road pleasure around Sturgis. For many rally goers, Sturgis’ is about the rides.

If you’re one of them, a style that combines safety and comfort makes sense.

For those who’ll join motorbike stunts and hill climbing, there’s no better advice but to prepare the safest and most practical bike gears you have. You’re in absolute need of a helmet.

But for most, rally outfits with jackets and durable pairs of boots are standard and swag.

For Men:


Leathers are more than just a motorcyclist must-have. Originally made to protect bikers from injuries, different eras never abandoned the rebel and macho effect of leathers on men. And the leather jacket is the most iconic biker’s fashion essential.

Paired with washed or ripped jeans, it’s a casual look that many men prefer because of its uncomplicated and comfy style.

Wearing chaps against dust on long rides is practical and makes the outfit rock.

With an airy riding waterproof shoe and a bandana that completes an outlaw attitude, this style has a touch of a pro’s wardrobe that complements touring or sports motorcycles.

If you’re not into leather or want a rugged look, sleeveless denim jackets embellished with club’s or biker’s patches is another Sturgis rally body outfit that matches jeans or custom-made riding bottoms.

For women:


Who’s afraid of big leather jackets? Women enthusiasts are not intimidated by big bikes and so with their styles.

An oversized leather jacket is a smart outer clothing idea for safety and style, which you can pair to light skinny denim.

Worn with a-not-so-tight calf leather boots, you’ll get a tough Sturgis female biker outfit look.

2. The Chill Biker Outfits

Sturgis is your happy place for ten days, packed with rally contests, bike shows, and tours. Visitors from other states or countries typically opt to stay for almost a week or the rest of the rally’s duration.

Enjoy the most of your Sturgis’ stay by bringing sunny weather garments, great for roaming and street shopping.

For men:


The pride of brotherhood found in group rides and a common hobby shows in graphic shirts of club logos and tee designs like skulls and rock music.

Unique prints are like men’s tattoos that enhance masculine appearance.

This style won’t protect you as much as leathers, but loose and all-events ready, these shirts are hip with almost any type of biker’s pants and shoes.

Simple but trendy, you can also use a knitted bonnet instead of a bandana to prevent frizzy hair.

For Women:


In this anything-goes event, styles can be too edgy for a woman’s Sturgis outfits, from bikinis to body paints. But practical and chill, an easy-wear outfit with an appealing mix-and-match is a clever pick.

The fitted crop top and denim shorts are casual and perfect for Black Hills’ quick roaming rides and rally activities. Halter and tank tops are good swaps to be hot women at sturgis.

Another cool chic option is a short summer dress. Why not? So long as you have secure underwear like thick slip shorts and a halter sports bra, you can start the engine and join the fun of non-risky rides.

Your motorbike pedals will be pleased by flat ankle boots if you wear these outfits for Sturgis.

Lastly, remember that these biker girl outfit ideas don’t guarantee the safety that leathers and proper gears provide.

3. The Biker Party Outfits

Racing and off-road rides are bike buddies’ adrenaline triggers, but concerts, bars and music are the best hang-out times in Sturgis Rally.

Along with your compelling social confidence, it’s time to wear your shiny leathers and boots with these biker party outfit ideas.

For men:


Another classic outfit of a steel horse rider, leather vest with studs is a biker’s emblem.

Some wear it without inner clothing, which works for Sturgis’ August warm weather.

Otherwise, if you can’t leave your favorite black tee at home, wear it as inner clothing, and you’re still up for a biker’s grand party entrance.

Either way, putting on a necklace like a military dog tag is not a bad idea.

Moreover, leather trousers or chaps with this attire leave a classic biker’s look that you can also wear on music festivals like Buffalo Chip.

Lastly, ankle boots like Dr. Martens’ are great footwear for this style.

For Women:


Short skirts and knee-high boots with heels are one of the ladies’ biker chic clothing styles. Though not ideal for rides, you can wear it during night outs or concerts in Sturgis.

Petite leather jackets make a gorgeous biker image in this wardrobe. If you’d rather have denim, it’s also an accepted pair.

You may wear a hat to pull off a chic country-girl look. But you may also wear a bandana like a biker chick as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack for the Sturgis Rally?

Plan your Sturgis Bike Rally itinerary and consider safety at all times. It will help you figure out the stuff you need to take with you.

Though the city is ready for a massive crowd with grocery marts and vendor booths of almost everything you need, these are the trip essentials that a biker must not miss.

  1. Clothes (Pants, shirts or tops for the ladies, and undies)
  2. First aid kit
  3. Pain Relievers
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Tank bag
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Bike Lock
  8. Tire tool kits
  9. Rain gear

How much money should I bring to Sturgis?

The possible amount of your Sturgis rally expenses greatly depend on how long you’re staying and your itinerary.

But to give you figures, based on the 2021 Sturgis survey, the average amount of money spent by each rally goer is $2,678 for a Sturgis 7-day stay. Backed by some couples who went to Sturgis the same year, $5000.00 makes a decent Sturgis adventure sufficient for gas, food, drinks, and campground expenses.

Scheming your ways in advance to save more and enjoy is wise. Hotels, music festivals, restaurants and bars offer discounts if you book or purchase early.

Is it required to wear a Helmet in Sturgis Bike Rally?

No, for adults 18 years of age and above, Sturgis, South Dakota, does not require motorcyclists to wear helmets, while minors must wear helmets according to DOT specifications.


Planning this annual Black Hills adventure can be overwhelming, so when it comes to clothing, all you need to be mindful of are outfits that will put you at your best, on a motorcycle or not, hangouts and night outs.

But if you’re too excited and have no time about what to wear to Sturgis Bike Rally, these outfit ideas are all for you. All the same, with your confidence and passion for open roads and highways, you’re bound to get the most from this huge event and say, “Sturgis rally rules!”

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