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where are husqvarna motorcycles made

Many do not know that since 1903, Husqvarna dirt bikes used to be manufactured in Sweden, Husqvarna’s origin country. The company’s manufacturing plant was then moved to Italy.

In 2013, the transfer of the production of Husqvarna from Varese, Italy, to Mattighofen, Austria, happened.

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History of Husqvarna Motorcycles


1. Who owns Husqvarna Motorcycles?


Husqvarna is now owned by KTM AG. The parent companies of KTM AG are the Austrian PIERER Mobility Group and the Indian Bajaj Group.

The company’s history began in 1903 but its original parent company Husqvarna Armament, who makes guns, was founded in 1689 in Sweden. At first, they only produced muskets. That is why its logo is a gun viewed from the tip of the barrel.

Even though Husqvarna went through several acquisitions by different owners, the company’s logo was never changed.

2. Ownership Timeline

Year Owner Production Location
1903 Husqvarna Armament Sweden
1978 Electrolux Sweden
1987 Cagiva Italy
2007 BMW Italy
2013 PIERER Mobility Group Austria
2013 up to present KTM AG Austria

Note: In 1988, the engineers and managers of Husqvarna Sweden founded Husaberg because they didn’t want to relocate to Italy. Husaberg was later acquired by KTM AG in 1995. This made the two original Husqvarna brands become one.

Manufacturing Plants and Manufacturing Processes

You might ask, at present, what country is the headquarters located in?

For your information, Husqvarna has three big manufacturing plants. The other two are in India and Spain. Additionally, there are seven CKD/CBU plants: three in Asia and four in South America.

1. 3 KTM big manufacturing plants:

  • Mattighofen, Austria (Headquarter)
  • Pune, India
  • Girona, Spain

In these three manufacturing plants, Husqvarna motorcycles engines, parts, and accessories are manufactured in-house.

2. 5 KTM CKD plants:


  • Medellin, Colombia
  • Cartagena, Colombia
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Manaus, Brazil
  • Jitra, Malaysia

In these plants, Husqvarna motorcycles are assembled locally in the market country. The components are imported from different countries.

3. 2 KTM CKD/CBU plants:


  • Hangzhou, China
  • Laguna, Philippines

These two plants make both CKD and CBU Husqvarna motorcycles. With CBU or completely built up, the finished products are imported so there is no need to assemble the parts.

Factors That Affect Where Husqvarna Motorcycles Are Made


In Austria, mid-size and other bigger models of Husqvarna are manufactured.

Meanwhile, the plant in India makes most of the big models like the 125, 200, 250, and 390 because it doesn’t have capacity restrictions. The upcoming 4 to 10-kW electric two-wheelers of KTM and Husqvarna will also be made there. an

Also, the popular and newly launched Svartpilen 401 motorcycles are made in India. But a CKD/CBU plant was recently opened in the Philippines.

Other models are assembled in China, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia before being exported to neighboring countries.

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Does KTM own Husqvarna?

The answer is yes. Currently, Husqvarna is under the ownership of KTM AG, the same as Husaberg.


Where are husqvarna motorcycles made depends on the demand and the production size. The company having CKD and CBU plants help in reducing the cost, thus, making their motorcycles more affordable.

Husqvarna is surely a company who builds state-of-the-art dirt bikes. Design and speed are prioritized, while quality is not compromised.

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