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Where Are Yamaha Dirt Bikes Made

According to the Yamaha company history, it was founded by Torakusu Yamaha. What started as a piano and organ company began to create motorcycles after World War II, giving rise to Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd in 1955. In 1968, the first ever Yamaha dirt bike was created called the DT-1.

But where are Yamaha dirt bikes made? Today, the company has many manufacturing headquarters around the world. If you want to know more about it, please read below!

Yamaha Dirt Bike Manufacturing Facilities


The Yamaha manufacturer is the Yamaha Motor Group. After producing its first two-stroke 250cc dirt bike, Yamaha produced multi-cylinder four-stroke dirt bikes in the late 1970s. From then on, the company has produced different kinds of dirt bikes, including entry-level models, versatile off-road bikes, and even models for competitions.

The origin country of Yamaha is obviously Japan, and they have factories in Morimachi,  Iwata, and Hamakita. However, as the company has become famous due to creating high-quality and reliable products, Yamaha has many facilities worldwide now, especially in Asia. In which country exactly, you ask?

Well, it has manufacturing units in Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. To improve its global production, Yamaha also has manufacturing facilities in America and Brazil.

In each unit, they specialize in different products. For instance, they specialize in crankcases and cylinder heads in China and parts for motorcycles and outboard motors in Japan.


In the US, the Yamaha factory location is in Georgia. It began in 1986 and became what was known today as Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America. It creates watercraft, golf carts, and off-road vehicles, and the products are then sent to be sold worldwide.

Today, riders all over the world can choose a Yamaha dirt bike that suits their needs. For instance, you can choose among its reliable trail, motocross, cross-country, and dual sport models.


In summary, Yamaha’s country of origin is Japan. So to answer your question, where are Yamaha dirt bikes made? It has many manufacturing locations all around the world. It has facilities in Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Brazil, and America!

All of these factories follow global standards and have versatile production plants to ensure high-quality motorcycles.  The products from these units are then shipped worldwide so that you can enjoy your favorite dirt bike.

Knowing where Yamaha dirt bikes are made, we hope we have cleared your confusion regarding its origin and manufacturer!

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