Where is the VIN Number on a Dirt Bike? – 3 Common Locations

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Where Is the VIN Number on a Dirt Bike

Your dirt bike’s VIN number is very important because it tells you everything you want to know about your vehicle. For instance, it tells about your bike’s year identification and its manufacturing details.

But where is the VIN number on a dirt bike? In general, it’s found on its steering neck, but it really depends on your dirt bike’s manufacturer. If you want to know more about VIN and how to decode the numbers, continue reading below!

About the VIN Number


The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is used for identification purposes. It’s a unique set of codes that used to contain eight to ten numbers in 1980.

However, for standardization, dirt bikes produced after 1980 contain 17 alphanumeric characters. The VIN generally contains the following details about your dirt bike:

  • The year your dirt bike was manufactured
  • Make and model of the dirt bike
  • The manufacturer
  • The location of the manufacturer
  • The engine and transmission information
  • Specifications of the dirt bike such as engine size

Aside from your dirt bike details, your VIN will also help you determine the information below, which is very helpful when buying a secondhand dirt bike:

  • The dirt bike’s previous owners
  • Title and registration
  • Insurance
  • Sale data

VIN Placement on Dirt Bikes

Where to find a VIN number if it’s not on the steering neck? Some other common places you’ll find your VIN are:


  • Around the cylinders
  • Under your dirt bike’s seat
  • Close the engine mount on the frame

The VIN location on the motorcycle isn’t really visible at first sight, and it also depends on the brand or model you have. Thus, you really need to look through your motorcycle.

  • For instance, for Yamaha motorcycles, the VIN is usually found on the frame. It could be on the right side of the steering head or stamped on a metal tag on the frame’s left side.
  • For Kawasaki, aside from being stamped on the frame near the steering head tube, some models have it mounted on the frame below the seat.
  • However, the most common location of VIN on dirt bikes is on the frame near the steering head. To find it, just turn your handlebars from left to right, and you can see your VIN on the steering neck of your dirt bike.
  • It’s also sometimes stamped on a VIN plate or sticker on the left side of the steering neck, as seen in the image below.

When checking, make sure your dirt bike is clean enough so that you can easily spot your Vehicle Identification Number. If you still can’t find it, you may contact your manufacturer for help.

Dirt Bike VIN Check for Stolen Vehicles


After knowing where your VIN is located, you can actually do a VIN check for stolen vehicles. Because you know the sale details and owner history, you can check if the dirt bike being sold to you has been stolen. It is possible to the website of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for stolen motorcycles.

For a dirt bike serial number lookup, you can visit your manufacturer’s website as well:

Dirt Bike VIN Decoding

Source: https://www.motosport.com/

Although you can use a VIN decoder online for convenience, it’s still beneficial if you know what each number means.

The characters in your VIN are not random; they actually mean something, and they reveal everything you want to know about your dirt bike.

The first three characters are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier.

  • The 1st digit reveals the country where the dirt bike was manufactured or the country code. For instance, if it was made in Canada, it will have the “2” symbol, “1” for the United States, and “J” for Japan.
  • The 2nd letter tells you about the manufacturer of your dirt bike. For Honda, this is an H, and it is an S for Suzuki.
  • The 3rd character is for the type of vehicle you have. This should be a “1” for a dirt bike.

The fourth to eight characters make up the Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS), such as the type, brand, engine size, and other styling aspects like model variations. The VDS will depend on your manufacturer, as they make unique systems.

The ninth digit

  • The 9th digit is a “check digit”. This is calculated based on an algorithm to make sure that your VIN number is correct and to avoid vehicle fraud.

The last eight digits (10 to 17) are your Vehicle Identifier Section.

  • The 10th character tells what year a dirt bike is For example, if it was produced in 2004, your 10th character in the VIN will be number “4”. However, motorcycles sold before 2001 will have a letter instead of a number.
  • The 11th digit reveals the plant where your dirt bike was assembled.
  • The 12th to 17th characters are very specific to your dirt bike. It represents your dirt bike serial numbers. With these digits, you can know your dirt bike’s production number, and they’re even used to identify your exact bike.


Overall, VIN is important because it’s for vehicle identification purposes. Answering the question “Where is the VIN number on a dirt bike?” is not hard at all as well!

Your dirt bike VIN location is usually on the steering neck, generally on the right side. However, some VIN are also stamped on the frame or the sticker on the left side of your steering neck.

In addition, you can do VIN lookup easily online. Always remember that each character in your VIN has a corresponding meaning. The number reveals important dirt bike details such as its manufacturer and styling aspects.

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