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who makes gas gas dirt bikes

When it comes to one of the reputable dirt bikes in the market, Gas Gas has already made a name among dirt bike enthusiasts. Given this, you might also wonder, who makes Gas Gas dirt bikes?

Currently, PIERER Mobility AG acquired the full rights to manufacture the brand. This company also manufactures other well-known bike brands, such as KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles.

However, Gas Gas has undergone a series of ownership changes throughout the years and was only acquired by the known European bike manufacturer in 2019. Its rich history will be explored in the succeeding sections.

Gas Gas Dirt Bike Manufacturer: Where is Gas Gas Made?

Given the aforementioned context, more questions come your way. Who owns Gas Gas? Where did motocross originate? You have arrived at the right section to address your curious mind.

1. Company History and Background, Origin


If motocross originated in the UK, Gas Gas bikes, however, were not made there. They were first made in Salt, Spain, during the mid-1980s by a small company established by Narcis Casas and Joseph M. Piebernat in 1974.

The term Gas Gas is said to originate from its Spanish definition, which means “to accelerate or to go faster”.

The brand is considered a trailblazer in its own league. Specializing mostly in trial bike models, Gas Gas enhanced the performance of its 2-stroke product models in a way that lured professional riders to use Gas Gas trials bikes in prestigious competitions.

To cite, professional rider Jordi Tarres used Gas Gas trial bikes to win multiple world trials championships during the 1990s.

2. Key Milestones, Achievements


The track record of Gas Gas motocross bikes in competitions is no easy feat which cemented its quality reputation. Since 1993, Gas Gas won 16 titles in FIM Trial World Championships and has also bagged the FIM Trial-E titles in four consecutive years.

By 2019, Gas Gas joined Pierer Mobility Group, the same company that manufactures KTM trials bikes. Manufacturing is still being continued at Girona, Spain and product lines have been expanded to introduce more dirt bike models.

As fully acquired by Pierer in summer of 2020, Gas Gas was able to introduce more dirt bike models to the market. By September 2020, 19 dirt bike models were introduced, covering enduro, cross-country, motocross, as well as trial bikes.

Gas Gas motocross bikes also continued to make racing history in recent years. In May 2021, Spanish national Sergio Garcia used a Gas Gas 250 bike to ace his way to the Moto3 world championship.

Gas Gas dirt bikes also ruled women championships. In September and October 2021, Laia Sanz proved to be the best player in the TrialGP Women World Championships and EnduroGP Women World Championships by using a Gas Gas 300 trial bike to ace her game.

By April 2022, Gas Gas Supermoto 700 and ES 700 were launched. This bike series is considered first in Gas Gas’ road bike product lines, giving the riders an option to bring their Gas Gas biking experience on the streets.

Gas Gas Manufacturing Process

How are Gas Gas bikes manufactured? The following explainer video shows the features of Gas Gas dirt bikes and how the factory team manufactured their products with such attention to details:

Importing countries

As Gas Gas expands its customer base, it has been imported by different countries all over the world. Among the importing countries are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and the United States.

Comparison With Other Leading Dirt Bike Brands


Since Gas Gas is part of Pierer Mobility’s motorbike lines, it would be best to compare it first with its sister brands (KTM and Husqvarna) to know their distinct features, as tabulated:

Feature Gas Gas KTM Husqvarna
Product Lineup
  • Specializing mostly in trial bike models
  • Least diverse product portfolio
  • Has entry level off-road bike models
  • Most diverse product portfolio
  • Various off-road motorcycles,and street bikes
Various off-road bike models but limited street bike models
Engine (cc) Similar with KTM but lacking the following: 2-stroke 250cc and 150cc and 4-stroke 350 cc
  • 4-stroke cc models (450, 350, 250)
  • 2-stroke models (250, 150, 125, 85, 65, 50)
Similar with KTM but lacking the following: 2-stroke 150cc
Engine build
  • Same engine supplier
  • Lacks resonance chamber present on sister brands
  • Same engine supplier
  • Has header pipes
  • Same engine supplier
  • Has header pipes
Steel frame
  • Made of chromium-molybdenum alloy
  • Has aluminum subframes
  • Made of chromium-molybdenum alloy
  • Has aluminum subframes
  • Made of chromium-molybdenum alloy
  • Has carbon subframes
Clamps Forged triple clamps Machined triple clamps Machined triple clamps
Tires Uses Maxxis tires Uses Dunlop tires Uses Dunlop tires
Brakes and clutches Supplied by Brembo Supplied by Brembo Supplied by Magura
Handlebars Uses Neken handlebars Uses Neken handlebars Uses Renthal handlebars
Fuel tank (125 cc reference) 1.8 gallon capacity (Gas Gas MC 125) 2.0 gallon capacity (KTM 125 SX) 2.1 gallon capacity (Husqvarna TC 125)
Suspension system Uses WP Suspension Systems Uses WP Suspension Systems Uses WP Suspension Systems

Tabulated below is the comparison of Gas Gas with other leading dirt bike brands. Reference is the four-stroke 450cc version of the bike brands compared.

What you get for each purchase Warranty Features
Gas Gas 450 FE – Tool kit with Gasser
– Shorty rear number plate carrier
6 months (parts and labour) – Has fuel injection
– Fuel economy: 10.9 km/L
– Light clutch
Honda CRF450X – Odometer
– Front brake lever
– Front brake master cylinder
– Headlight assembly
– Speedo cable
– Clutch lever perch
– Throttle stop
– Rear master cylinder bolts
– Start button
– Kill switch
3 months (parts only) – Fuel economy: 9.2 km/L
– Speed is stable at fast trails
– Tall and heavy
KTM 450EXC – MX-style number plate
– Radiator shrouds
– Air filters
– Grips
– Rear chain guide
– Decal set
– Bar pad
– Plastic bashplate
3 months (parts only) – Fuel economy: 9.2 km/L
– Better handling
– Lightweight
Yamaha WR4 – Ignition switch
– Kill switch
– Headlight mounts
– Brake unions
– Front sprocket
– OBDUS needle
– 48 pilot jet
3 months (parts only) – Strong brakes
– Ideal for beginners
– Low seat height

Choosing the Right Gas Gas Dirt Bike Model


Given the comparisons done in the aforementioned sections, choosing a Gas Gas dirt bike model requires deliberation on your end. You may need to assess your current skills and experience to be able to select a suitable Gas Gas dirt bike for your needs.

Gas Gas Dirt Bike Models

Now that you are considering purchasing a Gas Gas dirt bike, you may have difficulties in choosing due to its quality features. Tabulated below are some of the Gas Gas product lines, features, target audience, as well as technology behind the designs.

Gas Gas bike models MC 250 (2-stroke) MC-E3

(electric bike)

MC 450F


  • High-grip seat cover
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Compact 2-stroke motor with counter balancer shaft
  • Six power modes
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Battery powered
  • High-grip seat cover
  • Compact and lightweight battery
  • Super fast dirt bike
Target audience For beginners and professional bike enthusiasts For beginners and young bike enthusiasts For professional bike enthusiasts aiming to win competitions
  • Brembo hydraulic clutch
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Twin-valve controlled power valve
  • Dust resistant, air-cooled magnet electric motor
  • Integrated battery management system
  • 110-230 V charger
  • Roll-over sensor to stop engine
  • Factory start device
  • Map select switch
  • Engine management system
  • E-start and battery
Technical Specs
  • Displacement: 249 cc
  • Weight: 95.5 kg
  • Tank capacity: 7.5 L
  • Seat height: 950 mm
  • Rated output: 2kW/3200 rpm
  • Battery capacity: 21Ah
  • Seat height: 550-600 mm
  • Displacement: 449.9 cc
  • Weight: 103.4 kg
  • Tank capacity: 7.9 L
  • Seat height: 960 mm

If you wanted to check how Gas Gas dirt bikes run, here’s a video showing how a Gas Gas 500 bike operates:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gas Gas dirt bikes suitable for beginners?

Gas Gas has dirt bike lines that are suitable for beginners. One example is Gas Gas MC-E3, an electric dirt bike that can cater to kids or even beginners off-road biking.

Where can I find authorized Gas Gas dealers?

Authorized Gas Gas dealers are found on the official Gas Gas website. There is a section in the said website dedicated to searching for dealers from across the globe.

What is the price range of Gas Gas dirt bikes?

Considering the mentioned models in the comparison table, Gas Gas motorcycles price range from 4200 USD to around 10,000 USD.

What to do for maintenance and upkeep of Gas Gas dirt bikes?

As recommended by Gas Gas, the following maintenance measures must be done to ensure the longevity of your Gas Gas dirt bikes:

  • Recommended fuel must meet EN 228 standard requirements and the octane number must be visible.
  • Methanol-derived fuels and those with more than 10% ethanol are prohibited.
  • Recommended service times indicated on the user manual must be followed accordingly.

Does KTM own Gas Gas?

As of 2019, Gas Gas is owned by the same company that manufactures KTM product lines, Pierer Mobility Group.


Now you know who makes Gas Gas dirt bikes and it is currently the Pierer Mobility Group. You have also learned that Gas Gas has made a strong reputation on the trial bikes market with its winning records from its humble beginnings in Spain.

Nonetheless, if you ever get to encounter a Gas Gas dirt bike, you may be able to appreciate the workmanship behind the brand and even consider getting one if it fits your needs.

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