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who makes kayo dirt bikes

In the field of off-road riding, there are a lot of companies that produce different kinds of dirt bikes. Now, a relatively newer brand is coming to shake the market: the Kayo dirt bike.

Kayo motorcycles were made by a company called Kayo Moto or Kayo Global. If you want to know more about who makes kayo dirt bikes and its history, this article will introduce you to its manufacturer and more!

Kayo Dirt Bikes Manufacturer


Dirt bikes are generally expensive, which pushed Mr. Jigang Dai, Kayo’s founder, to produce quality and affordable dirt bikes. Because of this, Kayo Global was established.

Kayo’s dirt bikes have low and stiffer suspensions and are affordable. Although only created in China, Kayo dirt bikes are becoming popular in other regions.

After being manufactured, they will be exported to global markets, including the US, Europe, Chile, and Russia.

History of Kayo Dirt Bikes

So where are kayo dirt bikes made?

Launched in 2002 in China, the Kayo brand was started by an engineer named Jigang Dai who worked for Honda China. Take a look at the company’s brief history timeline below to learn about its growth:

2002: The Kayo company was established.

2004: Since 2004, Kayo has been manufacturing pit bikes and ATVs.

2007: The brand started a pit bike racing team in China.

2008: Kayo Motorcycles was chosen by China Motorcycle Association for their National Off-Road Championship.

2009-2010: Kayo won different national championships.

2014: The brand started to create Kayo ATVs again, making them a well-known Chinese ATV manufacturer as well.

2015: Kayo became the only public Chinese off-road motorcycle brand.

2018 and 2019: The company began building its new factory and established its racing training base.

The 2020s until today: Kayo started to expand internationally. Aside from China, Kayo dirt bikes are now being sold in different regions such as Kayo Italy, Kayo Chile, Kayo Russia, and Kayo USA.

Kayo Dirt Bike Models

Like other dirt bike companies, Kayo Global produces different dirt bike models for their customers. Depending on your preference or needs, there’s a Kayo motorcycle for you.

Please see the examples below:

For beginners


  • KMB 60 – This bike is designed for beginners. Although it has a four-stroke engine, it’s fully automatic and has an electric starter. It’s also easy to maneuver, as it’s lightweight and only has 22 inches of seat height.

For off-road

  • T2 230 – Although lightweight, this dirt bike has a strong frame that’s perfect for off-road riding. Its 223cc engine and 5-speed transmission delivers smooth power, and its inverted forks and single-shock rear suspension can handle rough riding.
  • K6 R 250 – This Chinese-made dirt bike has a DOHC four-stroke engine and inverted adjustable forks, which are perfect for off-road riding. It also features a manual 6-speed transmission and a water-cooled engine.

For competitive racing


  • K4 250 – This midlevel dirt bike has a 250cc and air-cooled four-stroke engine. What’s even more amazing is that the K4 250 has an electric start and a manual 5-speed transmission, giving this vehicle optimal power.
  • K6 250 EFI: This dirt bike is ideal for off-road riding because it features 250cc DOHC 4-stroke engine and has FastAce suspensions that work well with rough terrains and jumps. In addition, it has an electric start and knobby tires, making the K6 250 EFI powerful and durable.

For the trails


  • K2 230 – This entry-level dirt bike is perfect for the trails, as this has inverted front forks and single-shock rear suspension. Its four-stroke engine is also air-cooled, which gives this dirt bike smooth power.
  • KT 250 – Do you want a dirt bike that can handle harsh or rough terrains? You’ll enjoy riding this Kayo 250cc dirt bike due to its FastAce single-shock suspension. This two-stroke dirt bike also features manual 6-speed transmission and an electric or kick starter.

Kayo Dirt Bikes Vs Other Dirt Bikes


Compared to a Honda dirt bike or another Japanese brand who manufactures dirt bikes, Kayo dirt bikes are known to be much cheaper. They also often have “more features,” like the Kayo 125cc dirt bike, which has disc brakes and inverted forks.

Kayo dirt bikes are also lightweight and have stiffer suspensions, making their bones less prone to damage.

In addition, they have semi-knobby tires that make them easier to manage in different terrains, which adds to the durability of the dirt bike of this brand.

Despite its positive features and specs, you may encounter some problems with this dirt bike. For instance, Kayo parts are a bit difficult to find. Thus, if you need replacement parts, it may be very hard or impossible to find them if you’re located outside of China.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Kayo dirt bikes stand out?

As other dirt bike brands are costly, Kayo dirt bikes stand out for being a lot cheaper. Despite the low cost, they are quality bikes and still look appealing.

Where is Kayo made?

For your information, Kayo products are made or manufactured in China despite them being sold in many regions in the world.

Where can I buy Kayo dirt bikes?

Although Kayo dirt bikes are made in China, they are also exported to other regions. You should contact your local moto dealer to confirm if they sell Kayo dirt bikes, or you can use the Kayo website to locate a dealer in your region.

Are Kayo dirt bikes reliable?

Generally, Kayo dirt bikes can last up to three to four years. Depending on its maintenance and usage, it may last more than 4 years.

Are Kayo dirt bikes any good?

Aside from being lightweight and having stiffer suspensions and semi-knobby tires, Kayo’s engines are fuel efficient. Their four-stroke engines also allow these bikes to last longer and have better performance.

What is the price range for Kayo dirt bikes?

Kayo dirt bikes are usually priced around $999 to $5,000. Here are some examples of the prices of their dirt bikes.

Model Price
KMB 60 $999.00
2023 K2 230 $2,399.00
2021 T4 Enduro 230 $3,499.00
2021 T2 230 $2,499.00
2021 K6 250 EFI $4,999.00


Kayo dirt bikes are made by a Chinese motorcycle dealer called Kayo or Kayo Global. Although having cheaper prices than their competitors, Kayo dirt bikes can handle any type of terrain. They are lightweight but strong and have stiffer suspensions that are perfect for off-road riding.

Now that you know who makes Kayo dirt bikes, you’re probably now confident about the quality and durability of these bikes. We hope that the discussions above help you with your decision!

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