Who Makes TrailMaster Dirt Bikes? Are They Any Good?

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Who Makes TrailMaster Dirt Bikes

Knowing who’s behind your favorite dirt bike brand is essential because it allows you to learn about the company’s history and reputation.

Although less famous than its competitors, Trailmater has been in the dirt bike business since 2002. The Trailmaster company is an American company based in Texas, and they are known for making affordable yet quality dirt bikes.

If you want to know more information about who makes Trailmaster dirt bikes and if they’re worth your money, scroll down!

Trailmaster Dirt Bikes Manufacturer

So who manufactures Trailmaster dirt bikes? Founded in 2002, it’s the brand name of the company BV Powersports.

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Aside from dirt bikes, Trailmaster also makes go-karts, UTVs, ATVs, mini bikes, and scooters. Unlike their dirt bikes that are made in America, their go-karts are manufactured in China.

What makes Trailmaster a reliable brand is that it uses the latest technology and manufacturing techniques to create dirt bikes that can withstand the trails and tracks. They also have an in-house manufacturing facility, so you can make sure that they produce high-quality products.

In addition, Trailmaster provides customers with a one-year warranty and excellent customer service, ensuring customer satisfaction and a pleasant experience!


What about the speed of Trailmaster dirt bikes? Trailmaster creates dirt bikes with different engine sizes and models, allowing you to choose one based on your desired speed.

For instance, they have 100cc dirt bikes and even 300cc dirt bikes! In general, their dirt bikes can have speeds of 50 mph to 70 mph, and they can be faster depending on certain factors.

Moreover, Trailmaster doesn’t only manufacture full-size dirt bikes. They also produce dirt bikes for kids and youths alike.

For example, the TM10 is a great dirt bike for kids or tweens who are starting their dirt bike riding journey. It has a 110cc engine and is a 4-stroke dirt bike with semi-automatic transmission. It can also reach only around 35 mph and has a 24” seat height, which is perfect for kids or beginners!


What about if I want to go off-road riding? Well, this dirt bike brand got your back!

With durable frames and quality parts, Trailmaster dirt bikes are also good for trail riding.

For instance, the TM33 is a decent dirt bike for off-road riding. It has a powerful 233cc engine and a 5-speed clutch. Also, it features inverted forks and a 21” front wheel, allowing the rider a great riding experience on the trails.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Trailmaster dirt bikes?

Generally, Trailmaster dirt bikes cost as low as $699 to as high (but still affordable) as $3,999.

Are Trailmaster dirt bikes any good?

Although less expensive compared to its competitors, dirt bikes of this brand can give you a great riding experience.

For instance, the TM23 is great for trails or just casual riding. It has a reliable 125cc engine, and you can even choose between an electric start or a kickstart. It also has an inverted fork and adjustable shock, providing good handling, which is great for off-road riding or just cruising!


To recap, BV Powersports is behind the Trailmaster brand. The Trailmaster manufacturer has its headquarters in Texas, and they make low-cost yet high-quality dirt bikes, allowing them to compete with popular brands in the market.

In addition, this brand produces different dirt bike models that cater to customers’ preferences such as 100cc to 300cc dirt bikes that come with an electric start or kickstart. Aside from full-size dirt bikes, they also have dirt bikes perfect for kids!

Now that you know who makes Trailmaster dirt bikes, we hope that you’re now less worried about their quality. Enjoy riding!

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